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    RESULTS!! Champion X-World ToM: Who will be the 2013 Champion of Camelot?

    King Arthur has announced the final, grandest Tournament of the year! This x-world winner will receive a complete Gem refund for every purchase made on Dec. 31, win a complete set of Tier 3 Lionheart Gear and the naming rights to a new weapon in the game, and be deemed the strongest Champion of Camelot for 2013!

    A full set of Lionheart Gear can add more than 35 levels to both your Attack and Life! A full set consists of a Sword, Armor, Helmet, Pants and Shield of Lionheart.

    Event: X World ToM

    Time: Dec. 26th, 20:00 to Dec. 30th, 20:00

    Rules: The Players with the largest increase of Might will win the following:

    1st: Lion Heart Gear set
    2nd: Lion Heart Pants, Shield, Helm, Armor
    3rd: Lion Heart Pants, Shield, Helm
    4th-15th: Lion Heart Pants, Shield, Shadow Helm
    16th-30th: Lion Heart Pants, Shadow Armor, helm
    31st-50th: Shadow Pants, Armor, Shield, Helm
    51st-100th: Shadow Pants, Shield, Armor
    100th-175th: Shadow Armor, Shield
    176th-300th: Shadow Shield
    301st-400th: Shadow Pants

    Cross World Rewards:
    1st Place Overall: Name and get the strongest Weapon in the game so far! + LionHeart Gear Set + Have your Gems DOUBLED on 12/31

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    Mighty Knights!

    We are pleased to announce the 2013 Champion of Camelot! Lohengrin from Gareth 66 distinguished himself above the competition by gaining a total of 2,473,832,648 Might! As a result, our scholars have named the newest Sword Gear after this brave Knight.

    The powerful Sword of Lohengrin provides boosts unseen in any other Gear!

    Keep an eye on your messages to find out how to acquire this rare item!

    Congratulations, Lohengrin!
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