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    Release 17.4 Now Live

    Release 17.4.0 is now live

    • Hardware Acceleration has been disabled in Mad Lab until a permanent solution can be created for the Tesla Coils
    • Skull-Splitter Sword has been removed from the drop tables
    • Ring Pop has been renamed Candy Ring [NOTE: You may see the Candy Ring display with no name. Do not worry, them item will still function as intended. The name error will be fixed.]

    Bug Fixes:
    • Trade requests can no longer be spammed to disconnect users
    • Bug Fix: Fake backpack exploit should no longer be functional
    • Bug Fix: Main menu no longer appears blank after inputting the wrong password

    A little more info on Skull-splitters:
    Players that have Skull-splitter Swords will notice that it has changed to a UT item from the previous Tier 11. Otherwise this item has not changed - it's still Soulbound, it's stats are identical, it's just that the "Tier" designation has changed. This was to help further differentiate it as a limited / vanity item. We will handle any new vanity items in a similar fashion, although some of that depends on how the item is released initially.

    Discuss this patch Here!
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