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    Release 17.2.0 is Now Live

    Release 17.2.0 is now live

    Introducing the Star Chat Filter! Tired of annoying spam bots? Now you can shut them up with an all new chat filter option. Choose to filter chat from players with up to 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 Stars and up.

    In the options menu, select the chat tab. Look for "Star Requirement" and select the minimum player Star level that you would like to see chat and private messages from.

    Bug Fixes:

    - D'oh! Character not dead error message (Potential fix, this may need additional work)
    - Black Screen for Mac Users.
    - Invisible Shop Items
    - Guest accounts not receiving system messages
    - Update build version 17.2.0

    You can discuss this patch Here!
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