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    "Heroes" of Camelot when most are using Evil Cards? How about farming for HEROES? :)

    These are dark days. Many adventurers quest for the Holy Grail, and almost every single one of them has forged an unholy alliance with Black Knights, Fallen Priests and/or Misshapen Were-Creatures.

    When the Knights of the Round Table take the fastest road to power, discarding any semblance of honor, what hope is there for the land?


    Seriously, though, it seems a bit odd that the only "free" cards you can grind for that are 4* or greater are evil. I'd like to see events where you have a chance to periodically grind for 3* or greater Camelot and Druid cards as well. Otherwise, you either turn to the dark side, spend a small fortune, or accept that your deck will always be weaker than your peers. You can't win wars when your best Camelot farming opportunity for a long time is just an Armored Warhorse.

    I'd like to see a special event like the "Druidic Conclave" or something. A special town that only appears once every month, and only for 48 hours. In that location, you could ONLY get Druid cards to drop, and if you got far enough into the town you'd have the chance to find 3* Druid cards. A 4* Druid Boss would wander around in that area for you to try to get drops from, and if you managed to complete the entire area, you'd earn a 5* Druid for your trouble.

    (If that seems like too great a reward, remember that people were given a 5* Guardian Angel just for spending $5 on Gems. If this area was built so there was a dozen areas, every step only advances you 2% and costs 5 energy, and you fight bosses at 33%, 66% and 100% of each area, it'd cost at LEAST $5 in potions to reach the end within that 48 hour time limit!)

    There would be a Camelot version of the same event, which would take place once a month when the Druidic Conclave wasn't going on. So you'd have the Druidic Conclave, then two weeks later you'd have a "Rise of Camelot" event, two weeks later back to the Conclave, etc.

    Without an option to farm for Camelot/Druid cards, everyone will be trying to save the kingdom while relying on Fenric Gore-claw. And that just doesn't seem right. :D

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    Genius! I endorse the above recommendations. I have no idea how long you spent thinking that up and I guess we will never know it Kabam are already thinking of similar ideas. But I love it and clever events like that would end up making this my main ipad game. Hours long events ftw.

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    Do beta players have to spend 2x the stam for these events too if they were to have it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipipupu View Post
    Do beta players have to spend 2x the stam for these events too if they were to have it?
    Fixing that issue is up to the "powers that be" who created and maintain the game.
    I'm not one of them, all I can do is suggest possible ideas to make the game more interesting.
    If they think any of them are worth pursuing, great! If not, it gives me something to do while my stamina recharges .

    The imbalance between beta and new accounts needs to be resolved by the creators. And it swings both ways - some beta players have higher stamina costs and received reduced awards for clearing certain cities (like Broceliande - only one Battle Mage). But new players are forced into impossible arena battles against beta players who retained months of evolution/enhancement time, and missed out on earlier arenas with lower might requirements and more easily obtained rewards.

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    Untrue on arena part. New players or beta players can only get to the top spots if they buy more tickets then what they can get from in game weekly. The top spots even in beta have always been held by money players willing to dish out tons of tickets since you get points even if u lose in arena. Might take a beta player less tickets cause of streak bonus. All I see from new players spending gems on are cards and not in arena tickets yet. I for one have tried in beta climbing to the top with a cheap deck but had to sacrifice 500+ tickets

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    I'll relocate my response to this to the "Arena Review" topic, because it really has nothing to do with the suggestion I made here.

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    You guys, there is NO variation between Beta Players vs. New Players. The discrepancies have nothing to do with when a player started, and it's not a matter of favoring vs. unfavoring certain players. We are working to resolve the issue, and when it's resolved, then everybody will have balanced stats and requirements.

    Please, Pipipupu, read my comments and PMs.
    Last edited by Aaron_Kabam; 09-30-2013 at 03:22 PM.

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    *cough* dont hijack this thread *cough*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exusprime View Post
    *cough* dont hijack this thread *cough*

    Back onto point, I love these ideas! As always, can't promise an immediate update, but we'll definitely take all these into consideration as we plan.


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