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    Email Verification Now Required! Read Me!

    Greetings Realmers,

    The Realm Team has certainly had their hands full lately trying to tackle a host of issues that have come our way. We are determined to solve each problem and deliver a fun gameplay experience to our player base.

    Our next target is the spambot population. You have all seen these bots and understand the inconvenience of having them flood the nexus with their advertisements. In order to combat this menace, effective immediately we will be implementing new security measures that will require every player to have a verified email address tied to their account.

    When you enter the game you will see an email verification prompt. It will only take a minute to verify your email, or update your account to a new email address you can verify. Please take a moment to do this, as all unverified accounts will be blocked from the game.

    Help! I cannot verify my original email. Do I lose my account?
    Nobody needs to lose any account.
    Please note, you can update your email here if your old email is invalid, or you cannot access it. If you cannot verify your accounts original email, type a new valid email address into the verification window, and then check that email for the verification link.

    How Do I verify My email?
    When you log into the game, and you have not verified your email, you will be greeted by a window like this one:

    Simply enter a valid email address here. It does not have to be the original email you signed up with. You can enter a new valid email address. Once you enter the email address, click "Send Verification email."

    You will receive an email at the provided email address. It will look like this:

    Click the verification link and you are good to go!

    Our number one priority is gameplay and the community, and we feel this is the best solution to the bot problem. Please take a moment to register your account, and we look forward to seeing you all in a much cleaner Nexus very soon

    Discuss this policy Here!
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