The treacherous Morgana and her forces have infiltrated Camelot and kidnapped Guinevere!
It’s up to the Lords and Ladies of Camelot to rescue her! To aid your efforts, Merlin has created powerful new items using a secret spell with Spheres of Vitality!

Starting Sept. 10 at 12pm until Sept. 30th, win Spheres of Vitality to redeem in the Round Tower for either the Guinevere’s Savior Chest or Merlin’s Conjuring Chest.

Guinevere’s Savior Chest (5,000 Spheres) - Contains a Shield Mastery or a 220 Knight
Merlin’s Conjuring Chest (1,000 Spheres) - Contains a 220 Knight or Mystic Training (Lv220)

**Shield Mastery is a brand new item which grants you a permanent 1% Life Boost to ALL of your Knights to help save the Queen!**

Obtain these mighty items and bring Guinevere back to Camelot! Good luck, brave Knights, and godspeed!