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    The Official Cheater Report Form - Report Hackers Here! (updated May 31, 2016)

    The Cheater Report Form is now obsolete. Please report cheaters directly to support, per this email from support staff.

    As from before, this reddit post has excellent advise on how to be an effective reporter:

    The original report link in this thread no longer works. Here's a new one:

    For all your future reporting needs please also refer to this reddit post:

    Thanks for your interest in reporting cheaters. Every bit helps keep the game better for everyone.

    Hey hey Realmers!

    As time goes on, things change and updates are necessary. This includes our Official Cheater Report Form! Some of the information on the form was irrelevant and we wanted to make the proper adjustments. In addition, over the past 11 months the community has filled out a TON of reports. A new form/response spreadsheet allows us to more easily manage new reports. As such, we will no longer be going through the previous Form and responses. Please see the following:

    You can access the new Official Cheater Reporting Form Here
    Video proof will be required and it is very important that you fill it out completely and accurately.

    If you don't currently have any video recording software installed on your computer check out Bandicam for all your recording needs.
    To discuss the new form, or express your hacking concerns in general, be sure to visit new discussion on the topic Here

    To assist us in ensuring this transition goes smoothly as possible, we ask that any recent reports (within the past week) be filled out in the new form.

    As we take issues such as hacking very seriously, we'll be doubling our efforts to ensure we thoroughly investigate all reports.

    I appreciate your understanding in this matter! Thanks to everyone that helps us with hacking issues! Together we can make The Realm a better place!
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