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    Is there an order to obtain eggs?

    I have always heard that there is an order that you have to follow after building the spectral op.

    Before spec op
    water-stone-fire-wind-chrono - in any order

    After spec op:
    1) ice
    3)amber crest

    What would happen if you found an egg out of order and built the op? Would that make getting other eggs impossible?

    I ask this because in the realm I am playing in, while I was still under protection, I was attacking a level 8 plain to get the Chrono Core but a Helio egg dropped and I built the op. I had already built the spec op and had the ice and the sunken op's up but I did not have the Amber Crest egg (still don't) or the Chrono Core. I have been hunting both the Amber Crest egg and Chrono Core for weeks now with hundreds of attacks looking for them... I have gotten Helio Dragon armor hitting plains while looking for the Chrono Core. I also was told that the drop rate for the Chrono was much higher than all the rest making it easy to find.

    I think there is something wrong with my account now that I found and built the Helio op out of the order it is listed in. Can anyone inform me if this is true or if I have just been extremely unlucky at finding the Chrono and the Amber Crest?

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    I guess know one knows after all....

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    Well actually the chrono does have a higher drop rate than all. I got it after my wind op. Anyways in my knowledge there is an order in which you create outposts. I dont know what happened. The heliodragon is useless though...

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    That must be a bug

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    The best way to answer this question is with the assistance of this image:

    Name:  DoAEmpireTree.png
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    - Everyone begins with their Main City -- home to the Great Dragon.
    - From that point, you are able to uncover the Water, Spectral and/or Chronos Outposts (the first 3 images located under the picture of the Great Dragon) assuming you fulfill all their necessary requirements.
    - Should you choose to first uncover the Water Outpost by searching out the Water Dragon Egg, you'll then proceed down that vertical path -- Stone, Fire and finally Wind. However, if you choose to seek out the Spectral Outpost first, then you will continue down the following sequence -- Frost, Swamp, Forest and Desert.
    - The Skythrone and Steelshard Caverns may be obtained at any point in the game so long as you meet the necessary requirements.

    I hope that explanation helped to answer your question.

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