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    New Feature: Doria Airport and Il Cugino

    [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Hey Boss,

    Soon we're going to release the Doria Airport, which is not just a new Neighborhood but a new kind of Neighborhood. That means that there are a lot of new things in the Doria Airport and I want to explain a few of them before everyone jumps in.

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    Doria Airport:
    The Doria Airport is a special Neighborhood that can't be attacked. It neither generates nor uses resources like traditional Neighborhoods. It is, however, the only way to gain access to Il Cugino and Troop Crafting.

    Troop Crafting:
    Special buildings in the Doria Airport will allow you to Craft Troops. Crafting Troops lets you trade in many weaker troops in exchange for a few stronger ones.

    Il Cugino:
    Il Cugino is a powerful new super-troop and you can only have one of them. He's a relative flown in directly from Sicily who can lead your troop marches. In the near future he will even be able to grant your troops powerful bonuses. Every time he fights in battle he has to return to the home country to rest up before his next battle. Il Cugino can be upgraded in the Airport and given Attire in order to get bonuses.

    Attire is all the clothing and equipment the Il Cugino uses in battle. Attire boosts Il Cugino's stats to make him more powerful. Attire can be obtained from certain mystery boxes.

    Enjoy the game everyone!

    - IronWhale

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