The Engineering Lab has been updated! Now each part can have up to two Enhancement Tokens added to it to further increase it's power as well as provide an unprecidented leve of customization to one's base defenses.

Common Enhancement Tokens will be available for purchase, while more advanced and exotic Tokens will have to be acquired through other means.

In order to use this new feature, go to your parts list in the engineering lab, select the part you want and select "Enhance" from the menu.

(Please note the images in this guide are meant as an example and are not representative of the final bonuses or prices in the game)
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From there, a window will open showing all owned but unequipped Enhancement Tokens, as well as available for purchase Tokens.

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From there, highlight the Token you want to equip and select "Enhance" at the bottom of the screen. (Please note this will use platinum if you have selected a Token available for purchase that you don't own any of)

In addition, if there is a Token you no longer want equipped to the part it's equipped to, either to move it to a better part, or make room for a better Token, you can select Unenhance at the bottom left of the enhancement page. This will unequip all tokens from a part.

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Please keep in mind that unenhancing a part costs 10 Platinum, so choose carefully!


How is the stat bonus of a Token Determined?

The stat bonuses for each Token scales based on the level of the part it is attached to, with more advanced tokens giving more bonus per level.

What tokens are available?

Basic tokens for Health, Damage, and Splash Radius are available for purchase through the enhancement menu. More Advanced and Exotic Tokens exist, but have to be acquired through other means such as the wheel game.

Can I equip two of the same type of Token to a part?

Yes! Unless otherwise specified on the Token, you can equip two of the same type to a single part.

If I unenhance a part, do I get to keep the Tokens?

Yes! If you unenhance a part, the tokens will be returned to your inventory to enhance another part with.