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    oh so u unlock more turrets as u go or not becuase i have a level 7 command center so would i get a new turret when i upgrade it to level 8 or not

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    We have many type's of boost we all know that but for Example a 1 hour boost x7 700% exp boost what does the x7 mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Ozia View Post
    We have many type's of boost we all know that but for Example a 1 hour boost x7 700% exp boost what does the x7 mean?
    The x7 simply means that every attack you make while the boost is active earns you seven times more exp. Before the recent boost additions, it was known as a "Combat Strategy". Hope this helps!

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    Post Edgeworld Question and Answer Knowledge Base: The Aurora One Colony

    Hi Barry and the Edgeworld Team! I think this is a little late, but this thread is still open, so I assume you are still allowing members to help improve that Answer Database. I noticed that the Aurora 1 Colony page there was a little bit outdated and did not include the introduction of Bomba, Shield Generators, and a few other small changes since then. I revised the page.

    Edgeworld: The Aurora-1 Colony:

    What is an Aurora One Colony and How Does It Help?

    The Aurora-1 Colony is a recent expansion to Edgeworld. Owning an A1 Colony helps players by giving them features such as a second warp gate, new troops, and a powerful way to upgrade their defenses!

    How Do I Obtain an Aurora One Colony?

    Because the colonies are so helpful, there are several ways to obtain them, so that all members can enjoy!

    To gain access, you need to acquire a schematic in one of the following ways:

    Purchasing a Aurora-1 Schematic, Aurora One Bronze Kit, Aurora One Silver Kit, or an Aurora One Gold Kit from the shop. The Aurora One Bronze, Silver, and Gold kits also contain other items to help you advance!
    Attacking the Maar! By attacking Maar factions, you have a chance to loot the Aurora-1 Schematic. The Maar base must be 1/3rd of your level and not over your level. This way, everyone can gain access to the colony!

    What can I build on my Aurora One Base?

    The Aurora One Colony is able to produce all of the normal buildings upon completing the needed level of Command Center on the Aurora One base. There are a few notable buildings available on the Aurora-One Colony:

    A Second Warp Gate: You may build a Warp Gate on Aurora One, which is able to send troops from the Aurora One into battle! The A1 Warp Gate is also essential in sending trained troops from the Aurora One base to the main base.
    A Second Tech Lab: You may build a Tech Lab on Aurora One to research the Bomba. The Bomba is an exclusive research to Aurora One. It is a very powerful troop that explodes upon its own death, damaging nearby buildings.
    A Shield Generator: The Shield Generator is an exclusive building to the Aurora One. Building the Shield Generator increases the defense for both your Aurora One base and your main base. This building’s functionalities are removed for 30 minutes while it rebuilds after it is destroyed, so defend it carefully!
    More Supply Depots: The Aurora One Colony has its own resource capacity. To upgrade the Aurora One base, you will need to be able to hold resources on the base, making Supply Depots very important here! By clicking on the supply depots on either base, you may also transfer resources between the two bases.

    How Do I Attack from my Aurora One Base?

    If you wish to attack a defending player’s colony from Aurora One, or your main base, you will be able to chose which base to attack from the list. If you are using a Base GPS to scout a new player to attack, you must first attack their main base, then use the Feuds list to attack their colony.

    When using combat items such as Troop Energizers or XP Boosts, these items will apply only to the base which it was used on.

    Will there be future updates to the Aurora One Bases?

    The Aurora One will be the staging area for many new features coming soon to Edgeworld!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiranjeevi View Post
    WOW... thanks Barry.

    Here is my Details...

    Sector - Antares
    Player - Hunter

    Will see if I can make more articles in future.. So Where can i see them.. Because the current HELP from the Game doesn't yet have the articles.
    Are you consolidating all together to publish at once ?? We might write duplicate entries then!!
    haha hi hunter, you haven't logged in in ages, still lvl 1001, funny that i read antares though

    um barry, 2.0 for your questions and answers, hopefully you can remind the developers to think about solving the alliance jumping problem, that people can just create new alliances and jump where ever they want on the map. and then leave, create a new alliance and do it again, to all of an alliances 2k bases, or 1.5k bases, its becoming a bit of a joke now, hope you can help and hope to hear from you soon

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    I think there might be a typo in this knowledge base link:


    The part where it says "You can view your rewards in the lower-right corner of the screen, and claim a reward once every 24 hours", should that be 20 hours instead?

    I just claimed my rewards from the map, and the counter reseted to 19 hrs 59 mins+

    Great idea on the kb btw. Will see if I can write something this weekend!
    Darth Crash, Firefly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    We have a listing of helpful articles available on our support web site, http://kabam.custhelp.com/

    Just search for your question, and we'll present a list of answers that are (hopefully) relevant to you.
    There may be some small Platinum rewards for excellent contributions, too. Your fellow players will appreciate your work!
    We need a one page printable .PDF "Cheat Sheet" {not for cheating} that shows all the Commands and the list of Menus we must navigate to find them.


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    please start alliance tourneys please

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    What is the formula to figure out what level base you can attack? for example, on the map I can't attack a level 3.3k node and I am level 2180. I want to know what level I need to get to to attack a 3.3k base.

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    1.5 times for PvE and 4 times for PvP.


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