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Thread: the game in pc

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    the game in pc

    I play on the computer as anyone knows?

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    no i cant play on computer how u do it?

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    I know a few friends of mine use an android emulator on their pc to play the game. Just google how to do it. You basically install the emulator and that's all.

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    i installed bluestacks apps, an apps emulator, was told that was the best android emulator, but cant get to download the game

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    Hey, go in Bluestacks to "App Stores" and use "1Mobile" App Store. Search Hobbit and Install. It worked

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    Only thing is, it won't let u buy mithril because you don't have a google play linked set up through 1mobile

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    I used VirtualBox and AndroVM with GooglePlay installed. I was able to download and install the game. I found 1 computer (HP 8540W Elitebook i7) that would successfully run the game, but it's not very playable. The touch pointing device is emulated as a 3-button PS2 mouse. No tap or tap and drag support, so you can't pan around or scroll lists. Also, you can't tap on structures to bring up the Details screen. Everything else works, though. Chat, top and bottom control bars (can't slide control bar at bottom, so you're limited there.)

    I will try Bluestacks and post again it if works better.

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    Bluestacks on PC

    Bluestacks Android emulator rocks! I installed it on my HP 8200 Elite desktop (i7 8 Gb RAM Win 7) and used the App Search app to find The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth and installed it. The game runs great and the touch emulation by mouse works great. No complaints. Very good.
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