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    ok i'm trying to request people for friends but facebook wont let me. says i have to know them personally!!! so try to add me

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    friends for gifting or knights

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    Knight Warriors wants you!!!

    [COLOR="#FFA500"][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Grow really fast with the support of fun team players who always land on our feet. We enjoy being a family of friends who have learned over time to care for each other and reinforce and protect each other. We are fun and know shortcuts and techniques to keep the game moving at a fast pace of never boring fun.

    Our group is the salt of the earth kind of people - that others gravitate toward and want to be a part of. Go for it today - we like having inexperienced new players as well as pros.
    Domain Rhon 342 Knight Warriors[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Tee View Post
    added everyone that said add me, and got blocked from adding and messaging, for adding ppl I didnt know

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    Hello Everyone, I am new player... and like this game. Daily player and need KOC players

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    I'm looking for allies

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