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    aw man i got suspended for what i didnt do anything i never even hacked i played for months im up to 3200 but now kabam suspended me.WHAT FOR????

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    bye bye kabam, no more buying plat, gems or whatever... enjoy going broke with your crappy customer service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonman1 View Post
    BlueShadow, that is kind of what I was doing, attacking a much larger opponent that I knew I could not beat and rather than lose a bunch of troops I would attack with either no troops or one Marine and let the 5 min timer expire. This would tie them up so that my team members could attack there territory. The good news is that I was reactivated today. I think it was 10 days or more I lost track of the total time I was suspended.
    10 days. Hmm. I am 5 days and counting. I will be hitting up kabam as well for all the login prizes, map rewards, and the week before i was suspended I had won 12 incendiary cores from sims and 2 from terak. So will be asking for another dozen cores from them as well.

    I know this lack of reply is bull sh#t because one of my alliance members won the last tournament and did not receive his trophy. He msged them and less than 2 days later had a reply and his trophy. Beside the generic have you tried to refresh email still no response from them. I wish I was smarter and knew how to hack this stupid game, then I would not worry about them and just reward my self and re open my account.

    Not good enough Kabam.

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    This is total bullshit...same thing happened to me. My question apart from how some crap like this can happen if they want people to keep playing is if this has only happened to people while attacking using Decimators.

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    I just got a suspension; something about battle exp too high. Some kind of glitch that gets you suspended. Hopefully this doesn't take long to resolve. If it does I may just forget about playing this game. I can find less stressful things to do. The problem is, there are too many variables in map battles. I was using an 8x exp boost at the time.
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    my sympathies, a friend of mine got blocked once also for no damn reason, it took him a month to get his account back...good luck mate

    another of my friend keeps having missing items, happened second time and his mailing kabam everyday, still no feedback LOL
    theres more than $1000 platinum down the drain and kabam dont even answer......

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    It's been over 24 hours now and my account is still locked out. I am leader of several alliances. I have new recruits that need guidance and training. I provide a lot of support in this game. It's a shame that they have an automated suspension glitch that can cause this much disruption. I can't believe the number of people who are complaining about it.
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    My edgedworld account on facebook has been suspended w/ out any reasons...


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    i got suspended with one of my lil alt... but on the alliance list i saw the name was changed. so i figured it out- i got hacked and the hacker cheated with my ALT.. wrote it to support, and they unbanned me.... but, i forgot to change the password and got banned again.. i changed my password and asked to supoort to unbann me again.. 5 days later they responded and ubanned me for last time... i suggest you to change your passwords, who get banned... its possible you get hacked!!!!

    i understand, kabam is working hard against cheaters. but they forgot to calculate decimators damage, so because of too much damage some players are getting banned...
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    ok. i am in ursa minor dwarf and i can't play now. it says "your account has been suspended". i was suspended october 2012 and it is february 2013. so kabam i am a good player. my lv. is 1,??? the ? means i don't know the number. my profile name is unkown. wifey, poptart, anyone that i know please tell me what to do. i am not a hacker.
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