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    kabam closing other games down

    i dont know if anyone else has seen but kabam are permanently shutting down some of their other games.does this include thirst of night?

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    Wouldn't be surprised. I can't even log into half of the servers when testing them since I can no longer even load my main server now for some random reason.
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    Ten days and nothing. Your machine answers does not allow me to play or even spend the rubies that I purchased. How much longer will you keep us in the dark?

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    The Kabam game... Final Eden will be gone at the end of this month. I wouldn't be surprised if Thirst is next. I have access to Thirst again... but nothing is fixed. Marches don't work. Its pretty much just another instant message program at this point.

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    i liked global war fare even tho i was only lvl 12 i thought it was good and i also liked fianal eden event ho i never expere4nced any problems until near its short life

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    the scarlet mansion :3

    Angry why

    Final Eden is shut down so is thirst of night. will edgeworld or any other games be next?

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