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    Exclamation Alliance Scramble to Strengthen the Spectral Ruins to Level 11

    NOTE: Due to lack of eligible entries, no winners are able to be selected.

    Citizens of Atlantis,

    Spectral Ruins across the land are brimming to the edge with an overflow of dark energy. The time has come for the Spectral Ruins to reach a new potential and harbor new impressive features. The Mausoleum, Dark Portal and Reaping Stones that rest in the Spectral Ruins are aching with a desire to be upgraded to level 11.

    Atlantis is calling upon its Alliances to participate in a heated competition to determine who will wield the new power of the level 11 Spectral Ruins first. The Alliance whose members post the most screenshots depicting their completed level 11 Mausoleum, Dark Portal and Reaping Stones will be eligible to each win 1000 Soul Reapers.

    Note: Only one Alliance will be chosen to win and only those members that participated in this Event will be eligible to receive the prize.

    How to Participate

    1. Individual Alliance members take a screenshot depicting their completed level 11 Mausoleum, Dark Portal and Reaping Stones.
    2. Post that screenshot as a response to this Event Thread and be sure it includes your Player Name, Realm and Alliance. Screenshot must include visible Player Name. One screenshot per Alliance member.
    3. Please be sure to post in your proper language’s Event Thread!
    4. The Alliance with members that post the most screenshots will each win 1000 Soul Reapers.

    ENGLISH Event Thread
    FRENCH Event Thread
    GERMAN Event Thread
    SPANISH Event Thread
    ITALIAN Event Thread

    *One entry per player per realm*

    *Click here for instructions on how to post a screenshot*

    Name:  Spectral11AllianceAssemble.jpg
Views: 1630
Size:  407.0 KB

    Start Date: September 25, 2012
    End Date: September 28, 2012
    Announcement of Winners: October 3, 2012
    Award Date: October 3, 2012

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    level 11 of all 3 buildings in spec op in palisades relm by pandemic/alliance=rapid d

    alliance=rapid dominance
    name=pandemicName:  to kabam123.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandemicuponu View Post
    alliance=rapid dominance
    name=pandemicAttachment 39679

    How do you have 7 things researching at once???

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    The other side....
    Attachment 39700 For some reason it wont let me post it any bigger today.
    Peter S
    Chelsea Realm
    Angels and Demons Alliance.

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    name= image
    alliance=satans overlords

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    Name:  4.JPG
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Size:  11.3 KBName:  5.JPG
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Size:  10.5 KBName:  2.JPG
Views: 352
Size:  18.2 KBName:  3.JPG
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    Hey Maverick, your pics look a lot like Pandemic's...

    I'm not saying you stole them, just that they look kinda suspicious, that's all.

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    Name:  Lvl 11 Spec.jpg
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    Player Name: Kyrstal
    Realm: Octavia
    Alliance: Your Destiny Awaits

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    All 3 are upgraded to level 11
    Player: Yerevan
    Realm: Flame
    Alliance: Customer support

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