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    The biggest, and perhaps most exciting addition coming in Ascension are the Factions. Once a player decides to Ascend, they will have to choose which Faction to align their City with.

    The initial launch of Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension will feature the Druid faction, Keepers of the realm, unbeknownst to his Highness King Arthur’s Britons. The Druids dwell deep within Camelot’s Forests, and embrace a strong affinity with nature. It’s no surprise that because of their connection to these generative forces, the Druids have a knack for healing and can effectively resuscitate troops at an enhanced rate. The Fey and Briton Factions will make their debut at later date, and will bring with them a plethora of new buildings, artwork, and bonuses! You will also be able to change the Faction your City is aligned with once the next Faction is released.

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