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    Question Seeking a resolve to avoid playing "Bob The Builder."

    Well It has gotten to the point where there are foul players that I report as cheaters that never get stopped. They cuss me out, personally insult me and they are 10x smaller than me. They hit my smaller members and IF I hit any of them back, they just pass my co-ords on openly in world chat to a titan challenge player that is 15x bigger than me. So basically there are no fights any more and the game is all about who can talk the most in world chat while playing "Bob the Builder." This is not something worth spending any further money on. I hope you understand that I am here to have fun and without rule enforcement, that is not possible. I report rule violators and they are never stopped. Kabam wants to continue making money but those of us that spend money do not get what we pay for. I am upset because the rules are never enforced and it is impacting my account to the point where I am stuck playing 'Bob the Builder."

    I am looking for a resolve to this situation.

    I have hit and warped for 3 weeks now and I am seeing that it is not worth paying more money for warps just because "free players" do not play by the rules. Any time I hit anyone that starts trouble with me, all they do is march 1 mirror or 1 porter at me and then the 550 million power titan challenge player fights everyone else's battles for them. I filed harassment cases all year about this same person attacking me every day but that was not enough. Apparently he can break every rule and be rewarded for it. I am at a loss of options...

    I would like to suggest that a Sheriff be placed on each realm to ensure that the rules are actually enforced so those of us that spend money can get what we pay for and not just more cheaters ganging up on me with every purchase.

    Even a force field can be added to ensure that 2 people can fight out their differences without other people intervening. I am open to other options but quite frankly, there is no substitution for rule enforcement.
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    It sounds like a realm problem. why is it you think all the small players you hit all the time feel compelled to pass on your information to this larger player? is there something you did perhaps to cause this? Ive played on many realms in DoA and havent heard of anyone getting treated like this as you say you are. Best of luck

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