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    DoA Troop Statistics Explained

    Melee Attack:
    This represents the amount of damage your troops can do to enemies up close, at Melee (0) Range. Troops only use this stat when calculating damage to enemies at Melee Range, the Ranged stat is used against any enemies farther then 0 distance.
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Note: This Stat is affected by the Random Number Generator during battles. Actual Damage is a variable number up to the stat value.[/COLOR]

    Ranged Attack:
    This represents the amount of damage your troops can do to enemies from a distance, at Range (distance > 0). When your troops have enemies within Range but farther away than 0 Range, they will use this stat for damage instead of the Melee Attack stat. Also don't confuse "Ranged" with "Range." Ranged is a damage stat, Range is the distance it can attack from.
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Note: This Stat is affected by the Random Number Generator during battles. Actual Damage is a variable number up to the stat value.[/COLOR]

    This statistic determines how well your troops can resist damage. Higher Defense stats means your troops will take less damage from attacks directed at them. This stat does not reduce the damage taken directly, but rather mitigates damage on a percentile level. So a Battle Dragon with 300 Defense doesn't deflect 300 damage each time it is hit, but rather it can absorb roughly 3% of damage done to it. This may not seem like much individually, but the effects are cumulative so in large scale battles this can make a major difference.

    Most commonly, in other games, referred to as Hit Points, this statistic describes how much damage a unit can take before being removed from battle. If a unit takes damage, cumulative or otherwise, equal to or greater than their total Life, that unit is dead and will not participate in further combat rounds.

    This describes not only how quickly this troop type can march but also how fast they close the distance between them and enemy troops during combat. All armies march at the slowest speed of any unit in the army, which is usually ATs or Giants. Combat begins at the farthest Range any troop can successfully attack another. At the beginning of each combat round, troops have the ability to move forward to confront enemy troops. All units will move their Speed until they are in range to attack an enemy.

    This is the distance at which this unit can attack. Higher Range is better. Most units have a Range of 0, meaning they attack at melee (arms length) range. Longbowmen and Fire Mirrors have a larger Range (1200-1500), meaning they can attack from a distance without closing in on enemy troops.

    This describes how much loot or plunder a unit can carry. Without a high enough Load capacity, you may not be able to take home all the gold and resources available, even when you have won the battle. Armored Transports are the best unit in terms of Load. They can carry 5k resources per 1 AT.

    This stat simply shows how much Food each troop of this type consumes each hour. All troops eat Food and take away from your total Food Production. You can view the numbers of how much Food your army consumes by clicking on your Fortress and looking at the first column.
    [COLOR="blue"]Note: There is no penalty for being at Zero or Negative food. However, you MUST have Food in order to begin new builds, upgrades, training, and most research. Running out of food in the early stages of the game can cripple you badly. But once a player is strong enough to farm more Food from Anthropus or Players it is common practice to run out regularly.[/COLOR]

    This is a bonus applied only to troops Defending a Castle or Outpost and is based on the level of the Defender's Wall. You gain 1.05% Resistance for every level of your Wall. This Defense modifier gives an additional mitigation effect to incoming damage, thus Resistance reduces the damage taken by Defending troops. Where normally the Attackers total Attack minus Defenders total Defense reduction equals Damage done to Defending Troops, when attacking troops with a Wall it becomes Attack – (Defense + Resistance) = Damage. This results in less dead defenders and more damage done to attackers.


    First let me say my way is NOT the only way. We all must find our own strategy.

    My Humble Opinion is it is a benefit to have a diverse army and more is always better. This is just a real quick run down on the troops and whats important to build.

    The foundation of any army is the melee troops.
    Conscripts and Halberds are worthless. Start building Minotaurs as soon as you can and keep building them often as they are expected to die. Keep 10k to 20k Minos until you are able to start making Giants. Giants should ultimately be the melee backbone of your army with Minos as back up fodder.

    The fangs of your army are the ranged attackers.
    Longbowmen, longbowmen, longbowmen. Make these by the thousands. Cant have enough of them. You may look at their attack rating and think they arent doing much but they hit harder then their stats suggest and their damage is multiplied by their range. They are damaging the opponent every step of the way from 1200-1800ft out. And on defense they are just sick. I always train bowmen first and worry about building other troops next.

    The core of a DoA army is, of course, DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course you want dragons, who doesnt? Build Swift Strikes soon as you can and work up to building Battle Dragons. Having BDs doesnt mean you wont need SSDs, but make Battle Dragons a priority over Swifts. I find Swifts die a lot, but without them youll find the Swifts were taking the casualties instead of BDs so they were doing their job. You cant have enough of either of these troop types.

    The pockets of your army are transportation.
    Dont forget to build Transports. What use is sacking a city if you cant take home any loot? Build Porters FIRST before making any other troop type. Build a few hundred Armored Transports as soon as you are able also. Phase out porters as you make more Transports, ATs are much better then porters.

    Lastly is Fire Mirrors.
    In the past I have been a big opponent of making, let alone using, FMs at all. FMs have since been updated to perform well beyond what their stats suggest. They now put out more damage per turn then any other troop type. FMs have become well worth the effort to make them, they are devastating on Attack and Defense. As it once was, 27 Bowmen were as easy to make, took less time, and cost less to train and maintain while the bowmen also did much more damage and had more influence in Battles. Now, however, FMs performance is around 30-40 times greater than Bowmen making FMs the dominant force in DoA.

    Happy Gaming all.


    Dragons of Atlantis Troops --

    Type: Transport
    M. Atk: 1 - / - Def: 10 - / - Life: 45
    Spd: 100 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 200
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 1 - / - Food: 2
    Porters are the most basic unit and should be the first thing you ever build. They carry loot back home from the cities you attack. Porters are extremely slow and tend to die often. I recommend you start building ATs and phase out porters as soon as you can.

    Armored Transports:
    Type: Transport
    M. Atk: 5 - / - Def: 200 - / - Life: 750
    Spd: 150 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 5000
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 6 - / - Food: 10
    ATs are the epitome of Transportation technology. Start making this unit just as soon as you get the chance. Get used to making ATs because you'll need to continue making them always. You cant have enough ATs. Any attack that isnt accompanied by ATs is a waste, since why sack a city if you cant bring any plunder back? ATs provide the greatest Power to Cost ratio of any troop type.

    Pack Dragon
    Type: Transport
    M. Atk: 150 - / - Def: 400 - / - Life: 850
    Spd: 1000 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 6000
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 6 - / - Food: 10
    PD's are a very useful troop. They can only be won in fortuna'a vault (Player lvl 10+). They only work in combat with banshees, due to their high speed. There high speed also makes it very useful speed-sending resources to alliance members, but each pack of 1000 only has 6mill capacity, so you can't send as much in exchange for it's very high speed.
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    Dredd's Guide to DoA Troops

    Dragons of Atlantis Troops --

    Transportation Troops are covered above. ^

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Melee Troops:
    Type: Training
    M. Atk: 10 - / - Def: 10 - / - Life: 75
    Spd: 200 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 20
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 1 - / - Food: 3
    Conscripts are the most basic fighting unit and will be of use only in the earliest stages of the game. Statistically they are the weakest troop type, even in mass numbers. The Cons only redeeming feature is how quickly and cheaply you can train them. If you intentionally want to throw troops to the wolves then Cons are great way to waste everyone’s time. I dont even recommend using these for ping attacks (single unit atks designed to expose enemy troop numbers) since youll likely already be making Minos and they move faster. After the initial 50 you need for the newbie quest, I suggest you not make Conscripts at all.

    Type: Melee (Defense)
    M. Atk: 40 - / - Def: 40 - / - Life: 150
    Spd: 300 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 40
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 2 - / - Food: 6
    Halberdsmen are just beefed up Conscripts. They eat twice as much but have quadruple the Atk and Def and twice the Life and Load. When compared to Minos on an even scale, Hals just barely come out ahead in Defense and Speed and can carry a bigger Load. However, the fact that they are so lacking in Atk and Life makes them the inferior unit. I recommend you only make the Hals needed for the newbie quest then move on to Minos.

    Type: Melee (Attack)
    M. Atk: 70 - / - Def: 45 - / - Life: 225
    Spd: 275 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 30
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 3 - / - Food: 7
    Your first line of defense are these ugly little buggers. The Minos' primary role is to protect your LBMs from enemy melee units. You will be well served to keep 10-15k of these with your Bowmen for all battles. Minos are the best standard melee unit by a large margin. Statistically, Minos in numbers have an attack equal to that of Giants and have higher cumulative Def, Spd, and Load. Where they pale, compared to their only other usable melee counterpart, is in their Life value. Minos will die considerably more then Giants. So while they are a viable alternative to Giant melee troops, you will have to be willing to replace them much more. You will eventually have to replace these with Giants to strengthen your attack army, but Minos will serve you well in the beginning.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Ranged Attack Troops:
    [COLOR="red"]WARNING: The RNG Monster will Eat Bowmen that are sent to Anthropus Camps and Wilds. Attacking LBMs have a small chance to "Miss" Attacks when the RNG isnt in their favor and get your troops killed en mass. You can potentially hit the same target hundreds of times with no losses then one day lose all your Bows in one failed attack. Dont be a Victim!!! Otherwise, DONT USE LBMS VS ANTHROPUS!![/COLOR]

    Type: Range
    M. Atk: 5 - / - Def: 30 - / - Life: 75
    Spd: 250 - / - Rng: 1200 - / - Load: 25
    R. Atk: 80 - / - Pwr: 4 - / - Food: 9
    Bows are extremely weak when being hit but their long range attack is devastating to melee troops. LBMs cant be underestimated and you will find them valuable until the highest levels of game play. When properly protected, they are a fantastic unit. Bowmen are extremely vulnerable to attacking Dragons so you must be sure they are supported properly. Bowmen should never be used when attacking Anthropus Wilds or Camps or you will risk massive losses.

    Fire Mirrors:
    Type: Range
    M. Atk: 20 - / - Def: 30 - / - Life: 1500
    Spd: 50 - / - Rng: 1500 - / - Load: 75
    R. Atk: 1200 - / - Pwr: 10 - / - Food: 250
    FMs have much better Range and Attack then their Bowmen counterparts. FMs do damage equal to about 40 Bowmen and have higher Life per unit. Their major drawback is their super slow Speed and massive food consumption. Compared to other Ranged troops, FMs are bested in Damage output only by Lava Jaws. FMs can individually put out damage equivalent to 3-4 Giants. They are also a tough Ranged unit, only Fangtooths have a higher Life value.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Elite Troops:
    [COLOR="blue"]Its important to note that Dragons are the Kings of Camp Farming. Send these beasties in alone and theyll not only wipe NPCs but also carry the loot home themselves, and theyll do it fast as fast can be.[/COLOR]

    [imgalign=left][/imgalign]Swift Strike Dragons:
    Type: Speed
    M. Atk: 150 - / - Def: 60 - / - Life: 300
    Spd: 1000 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 100
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 5 - / - Food: 18
    These quick little buggers are the fastest unit in the game and are especially talented at killing FMs. The problem is, speed is their only advantage. Their high speed brings them within range of enemy defenders long before your other troops can close in. This leaves Swifts to fight alone in the first couple rounds of combat and, with their low Life, they tend to die quickly. There are great strategic advantages to using Swifts in certain cases, but for mixed armies I recommend you dont bother using them unless you are ok with replacing all of them after every battle.

    Battle Dragons:
    Type: Speed
    M. Atk: 300 - / - Def: 300 - / - Life: 1500
    Spd: 750 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 80
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 7 - / - Food: 35
    MOST BALANCED TROOP TYPE IN THE GAME! BDs excel in every aspect save Range. In comparison: BD attacks are devastating and lethal; they are second in Defense only to Outpost Elites; they have the highest Life values, in numbers, of any comparable unit except Ogres; their Speed is second only to Swifts; and even their Load value is only beaten by ATs and SSDs. Overall, BDs are the statistically most superior unit you can make. This doesnt preclude using other units, as BDs can be wiped if they dont have the proper support. So while I recommend using other units, BDs should be the CORE of every army.

    Type: Melee (Attack)
    M. Atk: 1000 - / - Def: 400 - / - Life: 4000
    Spd: 120 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 45
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 9 - / - Food: 100
    These lumbering meat shields are the masters of Attack. Tough and Hardy, a Giant's Life stat can only be beaten by Granite Ogres. Giants arent for beginner armies, their high training requirements, expensive training cost, and long training time make using Minos a better option for low and mid level players. But Giants do have a role to play for advanced players, when you are able to afford to make them en mass and have cut training times down to a minimum. Giants should ultimately replace Minos as the melee foundation of your army.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Outpost Troops:
    Type: Range
    M. Atk: 1600 - / - Def: 300 - / - Life: 3000
    Spd: 500 - / - Rng: 600 - / - Load: 45
    R. Atk: 800 - / - Pwr: 10 - / - Food: 125
    Fangtooths are unique to the Water Outpost and can be trained when you have a Lv 10 Training Camp. Fangs have higher Atk then Giants, Defense comparable to BDs, Life double that of BDs, and Speed beaten only by Dragons. Whats more, they also have a Ranged attack. Fangs cant attack nearly as far as other Ranged troops - half the range of Bowmen - but some is better than none. Fangs also give a bonus to finding drops when attacking Lakes. Click here for more on Fangs.

    Granite Ogres:
    Type: Melee (Defense)
    M. Atk: 650 - / - Def: 900 - / - Life: 15000
    Spd: 350 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 30
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 9 - / - Food: 110
    These juggernauts are the Masters of Defense. Ogres can absorb more damage then any other troop type many times over. Their Life is nearly 4 times higher then any other unit and their Defense is more than twice any troop except Great Dragons. But these behemoths arent just Die Hard, their Speed is higher than any other Melee unit and they can dish out damage comparable to Battle Dragons. The presence of Ogres will easily make or break your army in battle, never underestimate their effectiveness.

    Lava Jaws:
    Type: Range
    M. Atk: 500 - / - Def: 150 - / - Life: 1000
    Spd: 400 - / - Rng: 1600 - / - Load: 10
    R. Atk: 2000 - / - Pwr: 8 - / - Food: 200
    These spitting monstrosities have longer Range then any other basic troop type. Only Great Dragons can reach farther. Their high Atk and Speed combined with superior Range makes these beasties a formidable foe to be contended with. While their Life values may not match up to their slower counterparts, their ability to deal damage on the battlefield more then makes up for it. Placing a shield of Ogres and Fangs in front of Jaws will easily create one of the most destructive forces in all Atlantis.

    Type: Speed
    M. Atk: 700 - / - Def: 200 - / - Life: 2850
    Spd: 1350 - / - Rng: 0 - / - Load: 900
    R. Atk: 0 - / - Pwr: 6 - / - Food: 50
    These flying hellions are the epitome of quick strike killers. Boasting the best Speed in the game combined with better then average Attack and Life, they are a force to be feared. Add to that their extraordinarily high Load for a combat troop and they become the perfect solo pillagers. Banshees are uniquely suited to work in tandem with their Wind Dragon without the unavoidable losses normally seen when combining Range to Speed. Anyone who can field an army full of these harpy-like creatures will be a source of terror across half their Realm.
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    Troop Building Guide

    [COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR] Under Construction [COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR]

    To start training Troops:
    ~ Build production buildings in your Field (for the resources you need)
    ~ Build a Science Center in your City (for the research you need)
    ~ Build a Garrison in your City (this is where you train troops)
    ~ Build Homes in your City (for idle population)

    ~ Click on your Garrison and click the [Train Troops] button.
    ~ Youll see a list of all troop types. Use the scroll bar on the right to view more.
    ~ Select the troop type you wish to train by clicking the [Train] button below its picture.
    ~ You will see the training screen showing troops stats on the left with requirements on the right. Make sure you have met all requirements and have Blue Check marks next to them. Fix any Red X's showing you have not met that requirement.
    ~ When you have all Blue Checks, youll see that above the Requirements you now have a number next to "Maximum." In the "How many will you train?" box, enter a number up to the max.
    ~ Click [Begin Training] under the Troop Statistics on the left.

    All troops require resources and Idle Population to train. Some troops require certain buildings and research be at set levels to train. Outpost troops require additional items, such as Runes, to train. Outpost troops can only be trained in the Outpost of their element.
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    Wildernesses (Wilds)

    Lake and Savanna - Food
    Forest - Wood
    Mountain - Metal
    Hill - Stone

    Plains - These wilds are where you can build Outposts. The level of the Plain determines how many bonus Wildernesses your Outpost grants you.
    Swamps - Are placeholders for Player Cities. New cities replace swamps. Using a Warp switches your city with a random Swamp.
    Mysterious Clouds - These are sections of the map blocked off for dev testing and troubleshooting purposes. They can move, and occasionally do.

    Wilds contain 1K of their resource per lvl. Ex: A lvl 1 Forest had 1K wood; a lvl 5 Hill has 5K stone

    Each Wild you conquer gives you a 5% per lvl resource production bonus. Ex: A lvl 3 Lake gives you a 15% food production bonus

    Troops per lvl of Wild

    1: 50 Cannibals
    2: 100 Cannibals, 50 Stench
    3: 300 Cannibals, 100 Stench, 100 She-Devils
    4: 500 Cannibals, 200 Stench, 200 She-Devils, 100 Clubbers
    5: 1000 Cannibals, 500 Stench, 400 She-Devils, 200 Clubbers, 150 Hurlers
    6: 2000 Cannibals, 1000 Stench, 1000 She-Devils, 400 Clubbers, 300 Hurlers, 200 Shredders
    7: Same as lvl 6 - 2000 Cannibals, 1000 Stench, 1000 She-Devils, 400 Clubbers, 300 Hurlers, 200 Shredders
    8: 5000 Cannibals, 2000 Stench, 2000 She-Devils, 1000 Clubbers, 600 Hurlers, 400 Shredders, 200 Chieftan
    9: 10,000 Cannibals, 5000 Stench, 4000 She-Devils, 2000 Clubbers, 1500 Hurlers, 800 Shredders, 400 Chieftan, 250 Bloods
    10: 20,000 Cannibals, 10,000 Stench, 10,000 She-Devils, 4000 Clubbers, 3000 Hurlers, 2000 Shredders, 800 Chieftan, 500 Bloods, 500 Ragers

    I am still very new to this game...only 4 days in, but have tons of Evony experience. I did not see this info posted yet. Hope it helps. I do have info on lvl 1 AC and am working on getting lvl 2 and 3s.
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    Wildernesses (Continued)

    At first, the number of Wilds you can conquer at one time is determined by and equal to the Level of your Fortress. When you establish an Outpost, you get bonus Wilds equal to the level of Plain your Outpost is located on. Each Outpost gives more bonus Wilds.

    Each Wilderness you own gives you a 5% per level bonus to Production of its associated Resource as listed above. To conquer a Wilderness you need to attack and defeat it. You can conquer unowned Wilds protected by Anthropus troops, or you can also capture Wilds that are already owned by other players and steal them away. Be careful when stealing Wilds from other players, attacking their Wilds gives them your Castle coordinates leaving you open to retaliation. See below for a list of the troops needed to defeat each level Wilderness.

    The troops you used in the attack will automatically stay to Reinforce the location. It is advisable to Recall them immediately so they can be used elsewhere and arent left vulnerable to attack. As long as you dont Abandon the Wild, you will keep the Production Bonus. When you successfully defeat a Wilderness and take it as your own, that Wild will be added to the list of your owned Wilds. You can View your Wilds by clicking the Wilderness tab in the lower right of the game screen. You can also View the Production bonuses you get from your Wilds by clicking on the Fortress in your main Castle.

    Troops to defeat Wilds by level: (actual troops counts may vary depending on Research levels)
    Level 1} [COLOR="orange"]10 SSD[/COLOR]; or[COLOR="red"] 5 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]2 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="green"]50 Hals, Minos, and/or LBMs*[/COLOR]
    Level 2} [COLOR="orange"]30 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]15 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]4 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]; or[COLOR="green"] 50 Minos with 50 LBMs*[/COLOR]
    Level 3} [COLOR="orange"]100 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]50 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]6 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="green"]100 Minos with 50 LBMs*[/COLOR]
    Level 4} [COLOR="orange"]300 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]150 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]12 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="green"]200 Minos with 100 LBMs*[/COLOR]
    Level 5} [COLOR="orange"]600 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]300 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]25 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="green"]500 Minos with 200 LBMs*[/COLOR]
    Level 6} [COLOR="orange"]2000 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]900 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]75 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]
    Level 7} [COLOR="orange"]3200 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]1500 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]200 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]
    Level 8} [COLOR="orange"]5500 SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]3000 BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]600 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]
    Level 9} [COLOR="orange"]12k SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]6000 BD[/COLOR]; or[COLOR="blue"] 1200 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]
    Level 10} [COLOR="orange"]20k SSD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="red"]10k BD[/COLOR]; or [COLOR="blue"]3000 FT with 1 LBM[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="green"]* [/COLOR][COLOR="red"]WARNING: Bowmen should ALWAYS be properly supported and should not be sent against Anthropus unless attacking low level territories or when accompanying Fangtooths. Using Bowmen without FTs vs Anthropus can result in unexpected or total loss. For more details: Click Here.[/COLOR]
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    Player Troop / Anthropus Comparison

    From what i can gather (send 10 spies to a level 1 wilderness and you can see my reference) there is somewhat of a troop/anthropus similiarity for ALL the anthropus. Seems from succesful spy attempts on anthropus that these are the equivelants (this may not be completely accurate, but its a way too gauge if you can take a camp or not...)

    Porters - Brats
    Conscripts - Cannibals
    Spies - Stench
    Halberdswomen - She-devils
    Minotaurs - Clubbers
    Longbowmen - Hurlers
    Swift Strike Dragons - Shredders
    Battle Dragons - Cheiftans
    Armored Transport - Shaggies
    Giant - Ragers
    Fire Mirror - Bloods
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    Population, Taxes and Happiness

    Optimal Rate for the most Gold per Hour you can have is 50% without a Theater ~OR~ 50% + Half the bonus from your Theater.

    Population = Capacity * Happiness%
    Idle Population = Population - Laborers - Armed Forces
    Armed Forces = Based on Troop Queue
    Laborers = Based on Field resources
    Capacity = Based on Homes
    Happiness = 100 - Tax Rate + (2 * Theater Level)

    Gold per hour is very close to Population * Tax%, but varies too much to be an exact formula.

    [COLOR="blue"]TIP: Set taxes to 50% (+ half the Bonus from your Theater) for the Optimal rate.
    You can leave it there until you want to train troops. Set tax to 0%, start troops training, set tax back to Optimal. Each level of the Theater gives an extra % you can increase your tax rate without effecting Happiness. Tax Rate / Happiness at 50/50 is optimal for those with no Theater.[/COLOR]
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    Cool Book of Power

    Finally! After domain hopping and filling up my notebook, I finished what I've dubbed as the Book of Power. It will tell you exactly how much power you will gain for every upgrade of every building.
    Let me know if I've missed anything or fudged any of the numbers. Thanks!
    Below each group is the amount of power you would get for one building at level 9 in total for each upgrade which coincidentally adds up to what you gain for a level 10 building, so with a Completion Grant that amount would be doubled.


    Level 1- 4
    Level 2- 4
    Level 3- 8
    Level 4- 16
    Level 5- 32
    Level 6- 64
    Level 7- 128
    Level 8- 256
    Level 9- 512
    Level 10- 1024

    One building=1024, 2048 with Completion Grants


    Level 1- 10
    Level 2- 10
    Level 3- 20
    Level 4- 40
    Level 5- 80
    Level 6- 160
    Level 7- 320
    Level 8- 640
    Level 9- 1280
    Level 10- 2560

    One building=2560, 5,120 with Completion Grants

    Factory/Rookery/Storage Vault/Metalsmith/Sentinel

    Level 1- 20
    Level 2- 20
    Level 3- 40
    Level 4- 80
    Level 5- 160
    Level 6- 320
    Level 7- 640
    Level 8- 1280
    Level 9- 2560
    Level 10- 5120

    One building=5120 total, 10,240 with Completion Grants

    Theater/Officer's Quarters/Muster Point/Science Center

    Level 1- 30
    Level 2- 30
    Level 3- 60
    Level 4- 120
    Level 5- 240
    Level 6- 480
    Level 7- 960
    Level 8- 1920
    Level 9- 3840
    Level 10- 7680

    One building=7680 total, 15,360 with Completion Grants

    Fortress/Dragon's Keep/Wall

    Level 2- 100
    Level 3- 100
    Level 4- 200
    Level 5- 400
    Level 6- 800
    Level 7- 1600
    Level 8- 3200
    Level 9- 6400
    Level 10- 12800

    One=12800, 25,600 with Completion Grants

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Player Power Levels:[/COLOR]
    Quote Originally Posted by James Dimeglio View Post
    Level 1 || First Citizen || Power 0

    This is the default title of all starting players.

    Level 2 || Warden || Power 20

    Achieving leadership in your area of the City is the first step to higher office. You will not lose your Title, even if your power goes down.

    Level 3 || High Warden || Power 40

    Achieving greater leadership in your area of the City is the next step to higher office. You will not lose your Title, even if your power goes down.

    Level 4 || Commissioner || Power 80

    Although it's a low visibility position, becoming Commissioner will give you deep access to the intelligence gathering community of the City. A necessity for ultimate Power.

    Level 5 || Provost || Power 160

    Return to the political realm with your newfound contacts and understanding of the political machinations of the City. More Power is required.

    Level 6 || Marshal Provost || Power 320

    Continue your political advancement as a higher level Provost. This will expand your sphere of influence. Seek the Power.

    Level 7 || High Provost || Power 640

    The High Provost commands the Marshal Provosts and directs their activity. This is an important next step in your career. Find the Power.

    Level 8 || Lictor || Power 1,280

    As Lictor, you are responsible for carrying out any covert operations directed by the Imperator. No one must learn you are a Lictor. This position earns respect and fear.

    Level 9 || Captain || Power 2,560

    Return to a visible career in the military by advancing to Captain. A well-rounded background is required for you to reach your ultimate goal.

    Level 10 || Centurion || Power 5,120

    You are making great strides in your military career. A sure way to ultimate Power. Once you have achieved a title you will not lose it, even if your Power goes down.

    Level 11 || Commander || Power 10,240

    Continue on your path to military prominence, and earn even more prestigious titles.

    Level 12 || High Commander || Power 20,480

    To hold the title of High Commander requires a high confidence of the military. Aqcuire more power to achieve this goal.

    Level 13 || Legate || Power 40,960

    As a Legate, you will command a legion and assist the Generals. A lofty position, indeed.

    Level 14 || Elder || Power 81,920

    Assuming some political responsibility again advances your position and prestige. You will not lose your Title, even if your Power goes down.

    Level 15 || Alderman || Power 163,840

    Extending your political clout with a strong military background is an excellent next step.

    Level 16 || Mayor || Power 327,680

    Higher political office brings more power. You will not lose your Title, even if your power goes down.

    Level 17 || Viceroy || Power 655,360

    As a Viceroy you will both political and military responsibilities. Excellent. Acquire more power.

    Level 18 || Prefect || Power 1,310,720

    An elected position in the High Government provides additional leverage to your career.

    Level 19 || Councilor || Power 2,621,440

    As a Councilor, you will add some judicial experience to your political and military backgrounds.

    Level 20 || Arbiter || Power 5,242,880

    The judicial path is opening up for you. Becoming an Arbiter adds an aura of wisdom to your persona. Seek it out.

    Level 21 || Ombudsman || Power 10,485,760

    More prestigious that an Arbiter, as an Ombudsman you’ll be seen to represent the views of the people. A valuable step.

    Level 22 || Adjudicator || Power 20,971,520

    An Adjudicator provides legal ruling in the courts. This will be a true expansion of your power.

    Level 23 || Magistrate || Power 41,943,040 [COLOR="#0000FF"]<- Highest Attained to Date[/COLOR]

    A Magistrate has wider authority than an Adjudicator. Pursue this career path.

    Level 24 || Pro Magistrate || Power 83,886,080

    A Pro Magistrate extends your judicial authority. Follow this opportunity.

    Level 25 || Judge || Power 167,772,160

    A Judge carries more prestige. Acquire more power.

    Level 26 || Justice || Power 335,544,320

    As a justice your tenure is unassailable. Increase your power and get appointed.

    Level 27 || Chief Justice || Power 671,088,640

    Become the second most powerful of all Justices.

    Level 28 || Tribune || Power 1,342,177,280

    Your Judicial accomplishments and military career position you well for higher political office, representing the interests of the people.

    Level 29 || Supreme Justice || Power 2,684,354,560

    As Supreme Justice you will carry the highest judicial Title for life. It is a great honor, and should be pursued.

    ***Supreme Justice is the very last level of the game!.***
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    Power Per Troop

    Porter - 1 Power
    Conscripts - 1 Power
    Spy - 2 Power
    Halberdsman - 2 Power
    Minotaurs - 3 Power
    Longbowman - 4 Power
    Swift Strike Dragon - 5 Power
    Battle Dragon - 7 Power
    Armored Transport - 6 Power
    Giant - 9 Power
    Fire Mirror - 10 Power
    [COLOR="blue"]Fangtooths - 10 Power
    Granite Ogres - 9 Power
    Lava Jaws - 8 Power[/COLOR]

    Food per troop per hour:

    Porter - 2
    Conscript - 3
    Spy - 5
    Halberdsman - 6
    Minotaur - 7
    Long Bowman - 9
    Swift Strike Dragon - 18
    Battle Dragons - 35
    Armored Transport - 10
    Giant - 100
    Fire Mirror - 250

    Power to food ratio:

    Porter - 0.50
    Conscript - 0.33
    Spy - 0.40
    Halberdsman - 0.33
    Minotaur - 0.43
    Long Bowman - 0.44
    Swift Strike Dragon - 0.28
    Battle Dragons - 0.20
    Armored Transport - 0.60
    Giant - 0.09
    Fire Mirror - 0.04

    Why does this matter?
    If all you want to do is raise your power rating, then pick a unit that has a high power-to-food ratio. This may or not be a good strategy if you want to participate in wars. I'm just throwing it out there. One LVL9 Farm gives 4500 bushels of food an hour (ignoring tech, wild, and nano upgrades). This can support 45 giants or 500 Long Bowman. The giants will give you 405 power. The LBs will give you 2500 power. IF you have plenty of resources for building troops and are more concerned with feeding them, you might choose the LBs.
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    Courage Under Fire

    [COLOR="blue"]First off, SANCTUARY YOUR TROOPS!!! Click on your Wall and at the bottom click on "Hide" to protect your troops. Make sure you wait and see "Success!" to insure the process is complete. [/COLOR]

    This being a war game, there is no limit as to who or how many times you can attack or be attacked. Kabam strictly forbids any mods or support personnel from getting involved in player disputes provided the Terms of Service are not being violated.

    If you are being farmed repeatedly, your best bet is to hunker down until it stops.
    ~ Build up your Storage Vault whenever you can
    ~ Reduce your tax rate to 0% while offline so attackers get no gold from you
    ~ Do not upgrade your fields as production will only be feeding your attackers
    ~ Always Keep your Army in Sanctuary to protect them.

    When attackers are getting little to no resources and not killing any troops they will get bored and move on.

    While you are online, raid small inactive player cities nearby for the resources you need to upgrade and leave none behind for others to take. With a higher level vault youll be able to keep several hundred thousand in resources to continue upgrades while under fire. Dump all extra resources you have before logging out so your attackers dont get any payoff for their attacks. You are not the first player to experience constant attacks, so ask others for advise or help. The system was set up to allow you to grow even when you are being farmed.

    You will grow slowly, but you can grow. Continue to build your army and upgrade your Sentinel so you can see whats being sent at you. When your army is big enough, watch your Sentinel warnings and wipe out the attacks you can while online. Defense has a big tactical advantage in this game, use it wisely. I would also suggest you build LOTS of Longbowmen as they are devastating defenders (but be careful if Dragons are the attacking troops, Dragons are talented Bowmen killers). BDs are the best troop type statistically, Minos are the best standard melee, Giants and Fire Mirrors are fantastic all around but they are expensive and take a long time to train. Forget about Conscripts and Halberdsmen, they will do you no good at all. That leaves only Swifts, which I wouldnt recommend for defense.

    - Hope that helps

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    Some additional notes:

    Do Not Attempt To Retaliate against a bigger player who has begun farming you. Doing so will almost guarantee you incur their wrath and they will likely keep coming back to farm you out of spite. Also, if they overpower you and you attack, what will you do when they defend and wipe out your whole army? Then youll be completely defenseless and will be a prime target. You also wont be able to farm extra resources to replace those lost.

    Try messaging the attacker, especially if you are being repeatedly farmed. Most players dont want to make the game miserable for newbies. If you are being hit often, the attacker may believe you are inactive. Send a simple and polite message letting them know you are new and are trying to build up your city. Ask nicely for them to find another target and they likely will. Screaming, cursing, and insulting them will just make it worse.

    Alliances are for just this purpose. If you are up against a player who wont stop farming you, look for an alliance that can help protect you. Assisting and protecting each other is why Alliances are there. Even though you cant beat your attacker doesnt mean others cant. And if the farmer just wont quit, there is always the option of letting your new allies reinforce you to form a defending army that can wipe out your aggressor without having to wait while building it all yourself.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    There are also the Item assisted recourses:

    [imgalign=left][/imgalign] - Will move your City to a random location on the map. This is useful for getting out from under the thumb a farmer. Its hard to farm those you cant find. Just be sure not to send random attacks or spies at your old nemesis or theyll just end up getting your new coords. Warp and move on.

    [imgalign=left][/imgalign] - If it is your Outpost being farmed, you can use this wonderful device to move it wherever you want. Prime locations will be within a few minutes of your city so you can reinforce easily but not so close that it makes finding your OP a given after they locate your city, or vice versa.

    [imgalign=left][/imgalign] - This can provide a temporary reprieve from constant attacks or can be used tactically to help kill your aggressors army. Keep in mind, the CFs prevents additional attacks from being sent for 12 hours, it will not stop attacks already on their way.

    Note: These items can all be bought in the Shop or won from Fortuna.
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