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    Dragonomicon (The DoA Players Handbook)

    Welcome to

    Behold the Dragonomicon! This is the complete Players Guide for Dragons of Atlantis.

    My intent here is to compile all the best Guides, Tutorials, and Q&As posted here on the forums into one easy to read resource.

    This is a collection of posts submitted by players who have donated their time, effort and experience in order to improve the community and help others. If you feel there are other posts which warrant being added to this guide, please contact a Forum Moderator to have your submission reviewed.

    I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You All for your selfless contributions. It is my goal to keep the original posts intact and insure the proper people get credit for their works. However, it will be necessary to edit some posts to adjust for changes to the system, out of date information, grammatical errors, format issues, and typos. I will do my best to not allow these changes to ruin the original intent of the authors. Again, Thanks to all of you who have made this Guide possible.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    Helpful Links:

    Dragons of Atlantis Game

    Dragons of Atlantis Wiki Page
    ~ Wilderness
    ~ Anthropus Camps

    Common Troubleshooting

    Customer Care / Tech Support

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    DoA Terms and Jargon Translator:

    AS - Ancestral Seal: These items are required to upgrade a Building to lvl 11 and 12.
    ATs - Armored Transports: The advanced transport troop type. Level 6.
    CG - Completion Grant: These items are required to upgrade a Building to lvl 10.
    DoA - Dragons of Atlantis: Best game on Facebook.
    BD - Battle Dragons: Advanced Dragon troop type. Level 7.
    FM - Fire Mirrors: Advanced Ranged Attack troop type. Level 10.
    FT - Fangtooths: Aquatic troop type trained exclusively in the Water Dragon Outpost.
    GD - Great Dragon: Your city's primary defender.
    GO - Granite Ogres: Stone troop type trained exclusively in the Stone Dragon Outpost.
    LBM - Longbowmen: Basic Ranged Attack troop type. Level 4.
    LJ - Lava Jaw: Fire troop type trained exclusively in the Fire Dragon Outpost.
    MP - Muster Point: City building required to send troops on a march.
    OP - Outpost: Player controlled secondary staging point for attacks.
    OQ - Officer's Quarters: City building required to Appoint Generals.
    RNG - Random Number Generator: This adjusts stat values and other factors in combat to produce more variable battle results.
    SC - Science Center: City building where you perform all Research.
    SD - Stone Dragon: The Great Dragon who protects your 2nd Outpost.
    SDE - Stone Dragon Egg: Item needed to Create your 2nd Outpost.
    SSD - Swift Strike Dragons: Basic Dragon troop type. Level 5.
    WD - Water Dragon: The Great Dragon who protects your 1st Outpost.
    WDE - Water Dragon Egg: Item needed to Create your 1st Outpost.

    Ghosting: Sending attacks at a Player City then Recalling to trigger their Sentinel Warning and make them believe more attacks are coming then what is real.
    Ping Attack: Sending an attack with only a single troop, normally used to discover defending troop counts.
    RNG Monster: When you send Bowmen to Anthro territories and the Random Number Generator hits low and all your troops are killed.
    Sanctuary: Feature in the Wall with which you can protect your troops from attack. This also leaves your city undefended by troops.
    Scout: Sending Spies or a single troop to a target location to gather intel.
    Spam Attacks: Sending multiple attack waves of a single troop each to a target location, usually for the purpose of scouting or farming items.
    Wave Attacks: Sending multiple attack waves with a few thousand troops to a single location, usually for the purpose of farming resources or items.

    Castle (City): Your default View of the City and Field where you see your Fortress and Great Dragon is your Castle.
    Cons - Conscripts: The most basic melee troop type. Level 1.
    Bowmen (Bows) - Longbowmen: Basic Ranged Attack troop type. Level 4.
    Fort - Fortress: Primary City building. Dictates city level, field plots, and wilderness slots.
    Fangs - Fangtooths: The aquatic short ranged troops that can be made in lvl 10 Water Outpost Training Camps.
    Gar(s) - Garrisons: Basic troop production building.
    Hals - Halberdsmen: Pike-wielding melee troop type. Level 2.
    Jaws - Lava Jaws: The high damage and long ranged troops that can be made in lvl 10 Fire Outpost Training Camps.
    Minos - Minotaurs: Advanced standard melee troop type. Level 3.
    Ogres - Granite Ogres: The high life defensive troops that can be made in lvl 10 Stone Outpost Training Camps.
    Outpost: The City and Field Views, accessed through the Empire tab, that show your Water Dragon is the Outpost.
    Swifts - Swift Strike Dragons: Basic Dragon troop type. Level 5.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    [COLOR="red"]This is, and always will be, a work in progress. I will continue to update this thread to keep it as accurate and current as possible. If you find any errors within this guide, please notify a Forum Moderator so it can be fixed. Thank You. [/COLOR]

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    ~* DRAGONOMICON (The DoA Players Handbook) *~

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    Dragonomicon: Table of Contents

    CHAPTER 1: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Initial Build Help for Newbies

    Beginner's Guide to Resource Management

    Field Specialty Builds

    The Art of Spying

    How to Take a Screenshot

    Posting Images in the Forums

    Nessy's Guide to Alliances

    CHAPTER 2: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    DoA Troop Statistics Explained

    Dredd's Guide to DoA Troops

    Troop Building Guide ([COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR] Coming Soon [COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR])

    Wildernesses (Wilds)

    Player Troop / Anthropus Comparison

    Population, Taxes and Happiness

    Book of Power (Power Levels per Building and Troop)

    Courage Under Fire (When Youre Being Attacked)

    CHAPTER 3: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Dredd's Notes ("City Demolitions" and "Cease Fires")

    Kenny's Notes ("Zero Food is NOT a Glitch" and "Dragons to clear Anthropus Camps")

    Battle Mechanics 101: Basic Principles

    Battle Mechanics 101: Distance and Movement

    Battle Mechanics 101: Mixing Troop Types

    Battle Mechanics 101: Range and Speed

    Battle Mechanics 101: Damage and Targeting

    Great Dragons!!

    Questions and Answers

    CHAPTER 4: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Anthropus Item Drops Guide

    Anthropus Wave Attack Guide

    Outpost Expansion Guide

    Fill in the Blank's Guide to Calculating Distance and March Times

    Arick's Troop Training Time Calc.

    Arick's Build Guide

    Merchants of Atlantis Guide to Trading ([COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR] Coming Soon [COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]A[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]*[/COLOR])

    Massive Defender Breakdown Tactics

    Bug Squashing 1 (Solutions to Common Glitches)

    Bug Squashing 2

    APPENDIX: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Editor's Notes

    Update Notes

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    Initial Build Help for Newbies

    A Quick Note on Tribe Selection:
    Its important to know that the initial screen asking you to select a race and avatar have no effect on game play. Your race (or tribe) and avatar choices are purely aesthetic. The avatar picture you choose will be displayed in the top left corner of your UI and will show up in chat next to your name. Once you have chosen an Avatar, that choice is final and cannot be changed without restarting a new Realm. Aside from that, Race selection is only a matter of beginning storyline.

    All players get the same buildings, the same troops, the same research, the same appearance, and the same features. The only exception to this is Level 11 Buildings - being your Fortress, Muster Point, and Officer's Quarters - have different graphics dependent on Race. They function the same, but look different.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    In the end, the order of building placement has little effect. But to get you started, this is the basic strategy I use when starting a new Realm:

    Start with your Science Center so you can begin research right away. Levitation should be your #1 priority for Researching. The earlier you upgrade Lev, the more building time it will save. Production techs and Mercantilism will also be invaluable. And you will need to upgrade military techs like Weapons Calibration and Metallurgy in order to start building troops.

    Level up your Fortress as fast as resources will allow and try to fill and upgrade all your production fields as quick as you can. Be sure not to build too many Farms, you will need plenty of Food Production until you can build enough troops to raid for your needs but after that the usefulness of Farms diminishes greatly. Dont make more than 3-4 Quarries, Stone also is easily attainable through raiding. The rest of the Fields you can do with as you please. Dont forget to throw in a few Homes to get your population and gold production up early. Try to focus on the short builds like Fields and Homes while online to make the most of your time at the keyboard. The Fortress has long time requirements so its great for building while you are offline.

    Concentrate on upgrading your Fields, Fortress, SC, Resource Techs, and Levitation for the first couple days. This may seem a bit boring at first but it will pay off big time by saving you tons of time and frustration later. There is nothing more aggravating then having to stop building every 15 minutes because your production cant keep up. Upgrade lower levels first to maximize your time spent overseeing it. When you are ready to take a break, thats when to upgrade the long builds like the Fortress. Then when you come back youll have more open Fields plots to fill and begin upgrading.

    By day 2 or 3, get a Garrison planted and leveled to 7. Also put in your Rookery, Metalsmith and Factory. Subsequent Garrisons (I recommend you put in at least 10) leave at level 1 for now, thatll give you the biggest boost to training times with minimal effort. Be sure you have built 4-5 Homes and are upgrading them, you can go as many as 6 but you dont really need to. Youll want 6 Homes if you plan to max out your production Fields before creating an Outpost, otherwise 4 or 5 will be enough to give you the Idle Population needed to train troops and building new Homes in the Outpost will provide even more.

    Youll want to get ATs, Minos, and LBMs cooking in that order. Be careful when queuing troops to train. If you train the Max while you are still online you wont have resources left over to continue building. Only set small and short troop builds that will finish before you plan to log off. Before you do leave, start the longest Building Upgrade and Research you can, then drain your resources training the max amount of troops you can. That will give you longer running times while youre away and your production will be able to replenish more before hitting capacity.

    Next make your Muster Point and Officers Quarters so you can begin attacking. You wont be able to hit players yet due to Beginner Protection but take a few wilds to increase production, avoid the camps. Keep working on upgrading production fields as much as you can, the faster they grow becomes the faster you grow.

    With a couple days left of Protection, your production should be running strong, SC should be researching, and your Garrisons should be putting out troops at a respectable rate. Your next step is the defensive buildings. This includes your Dragon, Vault, Sentinel, and Wall. Wall is a resource hog and takes tons of time, I say hold off on it a bit until you have the ability to farm stone from raids and have leveled up Levitation a bit more. Get your Sentinel and Vault planted and upgraded a bit, you dont really need to make these buildings a priority until you come under attack.

    That should leave only the Theater. You can plant that any time or skip it altogether. If you build it, itll help boost your gold production in the earlier stages but you will most likely end up destroying it before you reach 500k power. Its a good building, but an extra garrison is better. Once all your core buildings are built, fields are full, and you have your houses placed, fill any empty spaces in your city with Garrisons to increase troop training. Troops equal power, building troops faster means your power grows faster.
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    Beginner's Guide to Resource Management

    Food: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [COLOR="blue"]EDIT: THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR HAVING ZERO FOOD. Your troops wont die or desert you. But if you run out - you wont be able to build or upgrade anything, begin researching most techs, or make a single troop until you have replenished your stores. If you are trying to gather food to start a new build or training queue, having negative food production will instantly begin eating away at what you have already collected so keeping your production as high as possible to offset that is always helpful.[/COLOR]

    - Hands down your most important resource. You can't build anything or train a single troop without food. And all but a couple of research techs require at least some food as well.

    - Running out of food will screw you quick in the early stages. If you are out of any other resource you just have to grab some more. Try running out of food and you'll have a really bad day unless you already have an army big enough to farm more. Don't let yourself be crippled by inattention, stay on top of your food upkeep at all times.

    - You want more farms then anything else. More farms = more food production = larger army you can maintain before having negative production. Without a big army, all you are is a target.
    [COLOR="blue"]Note: Some experienced players prefer to be minimalists when building Farms and begin attacking early for their Food needs. Look for alternate Build Strategies later in this Guide. [/COLOR]

    - Food is the only resource you will continually lose at a constant rate throughout the game. You will eventually build an army bigger than you can feed. But even then, the food production you have will reduce your deficit and continue to help you for a long time.

    Most players will end up destroying most of their Farms as well as Mills, Mines, and Quarries later on to free up population to train your army. When you can Pillage for all your resource needs and have more on hand than your Capacity, your Resource Production Buildings stop producing. So all your Fields are doing at that point is tying up Population that could be used for training.

    Farms, however, never stop producing because they will always help to keep your Food deficit down making it easier to get the food needed to begin new builds. Even though there is no way to avoid eventually going negative on food production, having plenty of Farms will help keep your Production positive as long as possible making building much easier. Keeping that in mind early in the game will save TONS of headache. Believe me, I learned from my mistakes.

    Lumber: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [COLOR="blue"]EDIT: You can, later in the game, transition to a full Wood build to produce only Wood. This build allows you to sell off extra in order to buy Metal and Food. It definitely works, but it is considered a specialty build and you will have to deal with massive food debt making it harder to gather the food required to continue building. If you choose a specialty build, I STRONGLY suggest you do so AFTER your initial building phases. Starting these builds too early can easily cripple your ability to grow.[/COLOR]

    - Lumber is the resource you need the most for buildings and troop training. There is nothing you can build or train that doesn't require Lumber. It is also used to Research Woodcraft, Weapons Calibration, Metallurgy and Levitation.

    - Behind food, you want to keep your Lumber production up more then anything else. When you first start out, I suggest you quickly capture a Forest wilderness right after you have taken a Hill or two. You will want to maintain 2-4 Forest Wilds until your power is 400k or more when youll want to abandon them in favor of Lakes / Savannas to keep your Food production positive.

    - With the exception of Farms, you will want to have more Lumbermills then any other resource simply because you will use more lumber upgrading your city and army then any other resource. Running low on lumber can easily stunt the growth of your budding city.

    Lumber will never stop being an essential commodity. Build up your lumber production as quickly as you can and keep it up. You are never wasting your time upgrading a Mill. Capture and keep a few Forests always. Forests should be one of the last wilds you give up. Even in the late game, you'll still need lots of lumber to train troops, especially essential types like Bowmen, Armored Transports, and Giants. However, I have found that my normal raiding for Food keeps me well stocked with Lumber past my Capacity to produce it. So continuing to try and build it in the later game stages can be futile. But then again, who doesn't like getting wood?

    Metals: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [COLOR="blue"]EDIT: As with Wood, you can transition to a full Metal build to produce only Metal. This build allows you to sell off extra in order to buy Wood and Food. It definitely works, but it is considered a specialty build and you will still have to deal with massive food debt making it harder to gather the food required to continue building. There is also the option of splitting a Wood/Metal build, but that will leave you with even lower Capacity before your Production shuts down.[/COLOR]

    - Much like Lumber, Metal is needed to make and upgrade all buildings and troop types, though you don't usually need as much except when building Minos and BDs. Even though, its importance can't be underestimated.

    - Metal is required for all but 3 types of research. With so many uses you may find yourself running low on Metals even though the individual upgrades, research, and troops you are working on don't seem to need as much of it. So stay on top of Metal production if you don't want to be left behind.

    - Large troop builds, especially Minos and Battle Dragons, can deplete your metal resources pretty fast. Be aware of how much you are using and how much you need for research and buildings before making mass quantities of troops.

    - Capturing a Mountain wilderness is very beneficial to you early on. Though I personally make sure to capture all the other types before worrying about Mountains. Still, you will want to hold a high level Mountain or two for quite a while.

    If you keep an eye on your production and usage you shouldn't have much problem keeping up with demand for Metals. Building 4 or 5 Mines early will help boost your city growth and still be able to keep up with research and training needs later on. While it is essential to do most everything, one of its most important uses is being the main requirement for training Battle Dragons. Standard Raiding will often keep your stores over Capacity unless you are training mass quantities of Minos or Dragons. Keeping up with it usually isnt as difficult as Food and Wood so far less people focus on Metal builds.

    Stone: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [COLOR="blue"]EDIT: You WILL initially need tons of Stone to grow your city and outposts. Aside from that, you wont need much Stone until you begin to train Lv10 Troops. These troops will require a lot of Stone but by the time you can build them you will be able to easily farm for it so production wont be a big issue past the initial building phases.[/COLOR]

    - I found it to be extremely valuable during the initial stages of building up your Fortress, Science Center and Garrisons. But after that, its usefulness quickly diminishes until you are establishing your Outposts. For early development, upgrading only a few Quarries is just as good as building new ones.

    - Stone is a main construction resource needed for building and upgrading and is the primary resource for your Fortress, Garrisons, Training Camps, Sentinel, Muster Points and Walls. All other buildings require more Lumber then Stone, though most require good amounts of Stone also.

    - The most Stone you'll really need for one building a lvl 10 Fortress when you need 1,280,000 Stone. You can easily attain this having only 3 lvl 9 Quarries (450k capacity each). So having more then that is pretty much overkill. You can Pillage or Trade for what you need to build up your Walls.

    - Stone is used in troop training for high level troops such as Fire Mirrors, Fangtooths, and Granite Ogres. You wont be making them until late in the game and by then youll have access to Stone through Trade and Raiding other players.

    - Stone is only used in Researching for Masonry(duh), Weapons Calibration, and Metallurgy. And even for those you don't need much of it.

    - As soon as you have some troops built you can capture Hills (my suggestion for first wild) to boost your lowly stone production. Grab a few if you want, they're free. Its a lot easier to abandon the Hills and take something else later then to disintegrate a lvl 9 Quarry and build a new Farm from scratch.

    Stone is mostly used for building your Castle and Outposts. You will need it for high level troop training, but you will have access to plenty through normal raiding and trading. I found having 6 Quarries left me constantly stacked on Stone while short on other resources. 4 Quarries max is good for starters, 3 is optimal. As you progress you can cut back your production even further when the buildings which require a lot of Stone are finished.
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    Field Specialty Builds

    First you need to know that you can gather more of any resource then your Production Capacity using Trades and Raiding. When you have more than your Capacity, your Fields will stop producing that resource.

    This is why I suggest concentrating on Food. When you are finished building your city and have a good sized army, the loot you win from raiding will most likely keep you over your capacity for Wood, Metal and Stone. Therefore, any Mills, Mines, and Quarries you have wont do any good because production will be halted. Food, though, will never stop producing because your army will always be eating it. So ultimately the Farms will be the only Field building you can keep active all the time.

    No matter the specialty builds, if you choose to use one, it is a good idea to ALWAYS keep at least 1 of every Field type. Even when you arent using those extra buildings, they are required for some Research and you never know what changes to the game may make them absolutely essential. So keeping at least one of each is just good planning.

    A Specialty Build is just a way of saying you turn most your Field buildings to produce a certain type or resource. These builds should ALWAYS be done using Mass Nullifiers later in the game as you will require at least some of every resource in the beginning stages and wont be able to rely on Attacks and Trading to provide you with what you need. It is wise to decide early what kind of Field build you want to ultimately have so you can plan ahead to minimize the amount of Nullifiers it takes to disintegrate and rebuild your Fields.

    Experienced Players usually turn to Specialty Builds because, later in the game, you will commonly have millions of resources stockpiled at all times which shuts your production down completely unless you properly focus your Fields and constantly sell off excess. Even with 35 Field buildings of a single Resource type, your max capacity before production stops is 15.8mil. That may seem like a lot to new players but it is a trivial amount to veterans. I use that much Wood starting 1 queue of Giants. You can always choose to vary your Field types but, as mentioned above, most of your buildings wont produce anything when you have excess.

    So the popular Specialty Builds are Full Food, Full Wood, Full Metal, and Wood/Metal. The Full builds just mean you have 35 of one type, with 1 each of the others. The Wood/Metal build is the least popular because it cuts your Cap down to 7.7mil of each. This means you must have LESS than that in order to continue producing and youll want to have MORE than that in order to queue new troops. There is no Full Stone Specialty Build because Stone is relatively worthless past your first few weeks.

    Lastly, The final Specialty Build is Null. That is when you remove all your production buildings to free up Population that is normally used as your Labor Force. Doing this allows you to keep higher Population numbers for Training and get rid of more Houses to make room for additional Garrisons. This further decreases Training time but forces you to rely completely on Pillaging for your resource needs.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    Game Progression Resource Summary:
    - Your Field will max out, with a lvl 9 Fortress, at 35 open spots (38 with a lvl 10 Fort). A good starting point for most players is to shoot for 18 Farms, 7 Mills, 7 Mines, and 4 Quarries. I recommend a starting build of 22 / 5 / 5 / 3 for more experienced players. This will enable you to make an easier transition to the full Food build later on without the need for dozens of Mass Nullifiers. If you arent planning on using a Food Specialty Build, you can switch the numbers to suit what you will be focusing on and keep the same ratios.

    - What resources you need most will change as you progress through the game. Changing the type of Wildernesses you control is a much easier way to manage these changes then disintegrating and rebuilding.

    - You will need primarily Stone and Lumber to start building your city. In these initial stages, buildings upgrade fast and resources come slow. Sometimes you just need to be patient. Make upgrading Quarries and Lumbermills a priority, but don't forget about Farms and Mines.

    - You will soon find you need a lot of Gold for research and Food for your blossoming army. By this stage you should have decent resource production and you'll start being able to offset it through attacking players, wilds and anthropus. Try to stick to attacking wilds and inactive players so you don't end up picking a fight you're not ready for.

    - Eventually your need for Stone will drop off while your need for the other materials continues to increase. Managing your Wildernesses becomes more important and you may find the need to begin demolishing your first Quarries to make room.

    - As you near finishing the upgrades to your city and researching is completed, you will find Gold and Stone are now all but worthless to you. The need for more Food is a constant monkey on your back but Lumber and Metal have leveled out. Remove the last Quarries you have and get rid of all but a couple Mills and Mines. Don't forget your Wilds, you'll probably have a few Mountains and Forests but will mostly be holding Lakes and Savannas.

    - You are now primarily a Militant State with Food production maxed and what needs you have for other resources being fed solely through the plunder your armies bring home. Your Field has 32-36 Farms leaving little space for Mills and Mines. All your Wildernesses are now lvl 9 or 10 Lakes and Savannas. When you reach this point you wont need much of the other resources and what you do need will be easily farmed from other cities and Anthropus Camps.

    Go Forth and Conquer!!!

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    While this went on a LOT longer than I expected when I sat down and hit Reply, I hope this helps some players get a perspective on what you're going to face and how to prepare your resources fields for the long-haul. I know, if I had this kind of info when I started out I would have done things VERY differently. But as it is, I got to learn from my own blunders and am now making a fresh start on a new server.

    Happy Gaming all.
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    The Art of Spying

    Quote Originally Posted by demilich View Post
    Spies are my favourites, they are my eyes and ears:

    When attacking a player they are always first in the field, without them you are blind:
    To set up a spying mission you don't have to send a general with them, however they take a march slot!


    Melee/Defense: 5 (no ranged attack)
    Life: 10
    Speed: 3000 (the are extremly fast 3x SSD or 4x BD speed)
    Upkeep: 5
    Clairvoyance (Researched at Science Center lvl1-10)


    Spies are trained pretty fast they don't need much resources per unit, only need a lvl2 Garrison or Training Camp and lvl 1 Clairvoyance.
    They won't make much use until lvl 5 Clairvoyance: the higher the tech is the more details you will find out I'd recommend to research to lvl 8 (9 preferably of course)
    This is the point when you get exact details of defndeing troops and amount of resources except gold (you never know how much gold the defender has)
    Lvl 10 Clairvoyance seems to work properly these days.

    I experienced that spies are affected by Metallurgy, Medicine, Rapid Deployment and Walls too (Dredd reported extreme unbalance on the defensive side, like losing 9K spies to 150).

    You may ask why all these important for a spy they won't fight any time soon: beleive me they will. And here comes the point of the whole:

    Spies are countering spies! <- what would that mean?

    Whenever you set up a defensive force and order some spies to defend it means you have a chance to resist enemy spying on your property:
    Once my city was spied by 610 -> I quickly set up a defence with 1000 spies guess what happened: (My Clairv: lvl 9 enemy Clairv: lvl 7)
    All the attackers spies were dead and I lost none of mine! Surprised? I was too, I decided to do some testing on spies and found out:
    I spied an enemy city with 800 spies where he had 30 spies countering and I lost 13 of my most precious units. (My Clairv: lvl 9 enemy Clairv: lvl 2)

    I got the conclusion: while spying defender takes initiative (or at least defender hits first regardless of battlefield size and research lvls)

    You may set up a defensive force of mixed troops with spies: doing so will result the enemy spying mission to be countered only by your spies.
    Enemy may lose and not know what is exactly defending: only a few K spies or 90K BDs there?
    To work around that he has to ping attack you (a standard attack with some cheap cannonfodders) to find out your defences (but he still wont know the resources you hold)

    The cheapest and less risky way of gaining intel is to send out 1 spy normal spying mission and 1 spy in standard attack!

    The primary goal of defensive spies is to hide resources and disorient attackers troops, however I'd not recommend to remain in defense while offline as it might end up losing all your troops to large attackers.

    Defensive spies are good against mid lvl players who won't dare to attack when they don't know exact defenses.

    Spying on anthropus

    The Anthropus equivalent of spies are Stenches. Wilds and Camps from lvl2 include stenches and they will counter your spies. It is not very wise to spy on them unless you are prepaired to lose a few K spies on higher lvl camps and wilds. You can easily find out spying on them makes no sense at all: Camps cannot be held by players so you may know what to attack with. Clicking on wilds always displays the onwer of the wild if it has any...

    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Note: Also, the troop counts for Wilds and Camps are listed later in this Guide.[/COLOR]

    Alternative use and special notes

    Alternative use of of spies include ping and spam attacking. Use them for quick hits on empty camps and wilds to farm for item drops.

    I have to admit that I never sent a standard attack with spies mixed in but I don't think it is a good idea as spies have extremely weak combat stats.

    I usually train a few K spies they will do their job and no more is needed in standard circumstances.

    All in all spies are great when used properly!

    Any questoins, comments or notices are absolutely welcome
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    How to Take a Screenshot

    In Windows XP
    1) Find out what key(s) on your keyboard you need to press to take a screenshot. It may be just pressing PrintScreen, PrtScrn, or pressing Fn or Ctrl then pressing another key.

    2) Press the screenshot keyboard shortcut that your keyboard uses to take a screenshot.(On the page that you want to take a screenshot.)

    3) Open Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. Click inside the white part of the screen

    4) Go to the Edit menu and click Paste or you can press and hold "Ctrl" and tap V. Then you may crop if you like.

    5) Click File > Save As. In the box that pops up, change the "Save As Type" to PNG or JPG. Type in a filename for your image. Choose a place to save, like the Desktop, and click save.

    6) If you want to send your image to somebody, simply attach the .png file that you just saved to an email and send it along. Alternatively, you can upload it onto the internet by visiting a site like and uploading it.

    In Windows Vista
    1) In Windows Vista (except in Home Basic), there is a tool called the Snipping Tool.
    To open it, click on the start menu, type snip, then hit enter (the latest version of Windows Vista updates the search results as you type each letter).

    2) Click on Snipping Tool.

    3) The Snipping Tool opens, and a white mask is applied on the screen. In the drop-down menu for the 'New' button, choose from a free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, or full-screen snip.

    4) In free-form snip mode, draw around the area you want to be captured. Drag a rectangle in rectangular snip mode. For window snip mode, select the window you want to capture. In full-screen mode, just selecting it from the drop-down menu makes the capture.

    5) The snipped image is then opened within the Snipping Tool, but is also copied to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications.

    In Windows 7
    If you want to take screenshots in Windows 7 it comes with little program called Snipping Tool, which can be found in the Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories.

    You can take a screenshot of the entire screen, a window or just a selection of the screen, that you select.

    In Windows 7, you can also take a screenshot by pressing Alt, Print Screen. You must hold down alt when you press print screen. I think this is easier to take a screenshot than the snipping tool if you want the whole screen.

    [COLOR="blue"]EDIT: Bit of additional info from the Kabam Team:[/COLOR]
    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post
    Screen shot instructions:

    To take a screen shot on PC:

    1) Find out which key(s) on your keyboard you need to press to take a screen shot. It may be just pressing PrintScreen, PrtScrn, or pressing Fn or Ctrl accompanied by then pressing another key.
    2) Press the screen shot keyboard shortcut that your keyboard uses to take a screen shot. (On the page that you want to take a screen shot of)
    3) Open Microsoft Paint. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. Click inside the white part of the screen.
    4) Go to the Edit menu and click Paste or you can press and hold “Ctrl” and tap V. Then you may crop if you like.
    5) Click File > Save As. In the box that pops up, change the “Save As Type” to PNG or JPG. Type in a filename for your image. Choose a place to save, like the Desktop, and click save.

    To take a screen shot on an Apple:

    To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop.
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    Posting Images in the Forums

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Images posted to the forums must be strictly public links. Any images you try to upload that require permissions or having an account wont load. This includes links to Facebook share folders.

    Battle Reports posted to the Forums MUST HAVE THE COORDINATES REMOVED!! Any Reports that show a players in game information will be deleted and the poster will be subject to disciplinary action.

    A work around for this is to first upload the photo to your facebook album.
    ~ Go to your Facebook Profile page.
    ~ Click your Profile Picture.
    ~ At the top, click on "View Photos."
    ~ Now click the "+ Upload Photos" button.
    ~ In the new window, click "Select Photos."
    ~ Select the file you want to upload and click "Open."
    ~ Follow the instructions to either Create a New Album for the picture or add it to an existing one.

    After you save it to your FB photos, get the Image URL:
    [COLOR="blue"]Using Google Chrome:
    ~ Go to View Photos from your FB profile.
    ~ Click on the album so you see all the pictures in it.
    ~ Right click the photo you want to insert here, select "Open link in a new tab," or "Open link in new window."
    ~ In the new tab (window), right click the photo and select "Copy Image URL."
    ~ DO NOT use "Copy link Address," or the "Share this photo" link at the bottom. You want the IMAGE URL, not another facebook link.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="green"]Using Internet Explorer:
    ~ Go to View Photos from your FB profile.
    ~ Click on the album so you see all the pictures in it.
    ~ Left click the photo you want to insert here. The black outlined popup should display the picture for you.
    ~ Right click on the image and select Properties.
    ~ In the new Properties window, copy the ENTIRE Address (URL). This should begin with "http:" and end with ".jpg" or an image file type (.jpg, .bmp, .png).
    ~ To insure you have the whole address, you can simply click anywhere in the address, hold Ctrl+A to Select All, then press Ctrl+C to Copy.
    ~ DO NOT use the url address at the top or the "Share this photo" link at the bottom. You want the IMAGE URL, not another facebook link.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Using Mozilla Firefox:
    ~ Go to View Photos from your FB profile.
    ~ Click on the album so you see all the pictures in it.
    ~ Right click the photo you want to insert here, select "Open link in a new tab," or "Open link in new window."
    ~ In the new tab (window), right click the photo and select "Copy Image Location."
    ~ DO NOT use "Copy Link Location," or the "Share this photo" link at the bottom. You want the IMAGE URL, not another facebook link.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#800080"]Using Opera: [COLOR="#0000FF"](submitted by Malacca)[/COLOR]
    ~ Go to View Photos from your FB profile.
    ~ Click on the album so you see all the pictures in it.
    ~ Right click the photo you want to insert here, select "Open in New Tab"
    ~ In the new tab, right click the photo and select "Copy Image Address"
    ~ DO NOT use "Copy link Address". You want the IMAGE URL, not another facebook link.[/COLOR]

    The changes Facebook made to the album and photo viewing have made it difficult to get FB to give up the base URLs for the images, but following those steps will get you the right link. All the other links FB gives to share or view photos are actually FB page links requiring account verification (which is usually done automatically in the background) so they wont work on the forums.

    Once you have the image URL:
    ~ In your forum post, Select "Insert Image."
    ~ In the field of the popup window, Paste (Ctrl+V) the Image URL you copied there.
    ~ Click OK. Then Submit your post.
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    Cool Nessy's Guide to Alliances

    [SIZE="5"]Overlord for Dummies - A Guide to Alliances and Overlords[/SIZE]


    I really don't know why I am writing this - theoretically, I don't want other people to be good Overlords - I want them to suck at it and be ineffective. But I feel compelled to write it, so I will.

    Strength in Numbers

    One of the most important things to creating a strong Alliance, is to have a lot of members relatively early on so that you can be listed on the first page of the alliance list. One man alliances who recruit in chat are annoying and hard to pull off. Your best bet is to get a group of people to play the game with you and join your alliance. For me, I enlisted the aid of my co-workers, a bunch of US Marines. We all joined the game and created an alliance. This gave me 8 members and a leg up on 70% of alliances out there.

    The next thing that is important, is to learn how to play the game. While this sounds stupidly obvious, being a good Overlord is half politics and management, and half guiding others on how to play. For this reason, it really helps to know the game, so that you can help and advise others on how to grow strong. Nothing makes an Overlord look sillier then not knowing basic things (like, "What does an Armored Transport do?"). Spend some time with others and in chat soaking up knowledge and asking questions before you decide to take your bid at Overlordship.

    Jump Ship

    So, now that you have a good grasp of game fundamentals, and a small, solid core of people to bolster your alliance numbers, you need to jump ship and join the next realm that opens. Why? Because you'll never be one of the big dogs in the alliance you started in - everyone has the advantage of time in game on you, and you aren't going to be able to come up through the ranks. By joining the next opening realm and taking your alliance with you (your friends only, at this point) you can skip to the first page because you're already established. Being on the first page is very important because most people who join alliances simply spam the Top5 or Top10 until someone lets them into their alliance. Being on the first page of the alliance list is crucial to having a successful alliance.


    The time you can put into the game is extremely important, but especially so in the beginning of the game. The first week or so of game time is the most important, when the Top 10 is in flux and not yet set, because if a person applies to 10 alliances, the first person to accept him gets the new member. If you are only coming on once a day to play the game for 30 minutes and accept applicants, you aren't going to be recruiting very many players - all the more active alliance leaders will have already accepted them. Being in World Chat is also pretty important, as a lot of active members will hang out there. It's important that your alliance name is seen ande that you demonstrate that you're a friendly and knowledgeable person and overlord. Messaging people with no tags and asking them to join your alliance also can help you recruit (both in the game, around you and in chat) - just make sure your join messages have good spelling and grammar. While not essential, a lot of potential members are turned off by bad grammar and it can limit the success of your recruiting messages. Here's a sample recruitment message:
    SUBJECT: Alliance?

    MESSAGE: Hey [NAME HERE] - I was just scrolling the world looking for attack targets and noticed you didn't yet have an alliance. Alliances can be very beneficial because they offer strength in numbers as well as great source of information about the game. If you're interested in joining [ALLIANCE NAME] please let me know and submit an application, and I'll accept you.

    -[YOUR NAME]
    This is a good example of a recruitment letter because it answers the 'Why should I join an alliance?' question as well as implies you consider them a possible target if they don't join your alliance. But it's subtle.

    Strategic Alliances

    Hanging out in world chat is a great way to start alliances. If you're friendly and helpful and foster a sense of camaraderie, people are more likely to enter into an alliance with you. Cold messages - just sending a 'Would you like to ally with my alliance' request to people aren't going to work most of the time. With alliances, though, you need to be careful: consider when looking to ally your self with someone whether that alliance is beneficial to you, or is just going to limit your opportunities to farm. Personally, I don't like allying with anyone who isn't Top 10. Anyone below that, and I'm not really worried about them hitting me, because my alliance tag should be protection enough.

    Also consider the type of alliance you enter into: the Non-Aggressive Alliance, or the Mutual Aid Alliance. Non-Aggressive alliances basically just state you won't hit their member and their members won't hit your members. It's a good way of keeping people safe. Mutual Aid is where you pledge to bring your alliance into any war that the friendly alliance enters into... this type of alliance can be very destructive to your alliance. Make sure the Overlords are level headed and cool tempered, and not the type to jump into wars at the drop of a hat, or you'll find your members frequently under attack. In order to keep in touch with your allies' overlords, you may want to consider creating a Facebook Group and adding them all. Encourage them to add their allies as well, and you may soon find the number of alliances you have increasing. These meetings can also be a good place to exchange info and strategies and learn of beneficial game glitches.


    One of the most important aspects of an Overlord is the ability to organize things. In this case, we mean breaking down what will eventually be a 120 man monster into manageable proportions. In order to do this, we'll turn to the military for some advice. In the military, groups of people are broken down into units - one of the most basic unit is the squad. A squad typically consists of 8-13 people, with one person in charge. For you, this means picking out responsible individuals to lead a group of people. If you joined with a group of your friends or co-workers, then you have a bunch of ready made Squad Leaders. It helps that you actually know them, and know where they live . It can also make things easier if you appoint your core group as Lords and assign them jobs - Minister of Intelligence, Minister of Diplomacy, etc. This frees you up to enjoy the game and makes being Overlord less of a burden. Just make sure you can trust your friends and they aren't going to be acting immature.

    But in any case, having Excel will come in extremely handy here. Make up a roster of all of your people and their power. Then, starting from the top, put one person under each squad leader starting from the top and working your way down. This ensures that your squads are balanced and have an even distribution of power. Each squad will have a 'strong' person to help manage retals and the like. If you like, you can post the list to GoogleDocs or on your main FB Group page. You should let the squad leader name their squad - they can let their members suggest stuff/vote on it, or just pick one.


    Squads are important because they act as a buffer between you and everyone in your alliance. Instead of everyone coming to you with all of their problems, they can go to their Squad Leader with them. If the squad leader can solve even half of their problems, its less work for you. There are several additional benefits to squads, besides less hassle on your end: they foster camaraderie and a sense of self. It also serves to insulate the flow of information to spies. If you wind up in the top 10, you are inevitably going to have to deal with spies in your alliance. People's alts that are placed in your alliance to get your info, wild locations, war plans, etc. There isn't anything you can do about spies without hampering your ability to get new members, so it's just best to assume you have a spy and try to minimize their influence. By splitting everyone down into squads, you can limit the amount of information available to them because you relay the orders to the squad leaders, and then the squad leaders pass it to the squad. You have no need to mass message the alliance with the info and thus compromise everyone's marching orders. Some people are also social creatures, and care more about being part of a group then they do about being #1 in the game. Having a group of people to talk to will satisfy these people.
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    Squad Implementation

    Earlier, I explained how to break down an existing alliance into squads. But how do you actually implement it in game? One way is to create a Facebook Group for each squad. You should create the squad, then add your friend as an Administrator to the squad. You create the squad so that if your Squad Leader gets bored and quits playing, you have access to the Group and can remove them and appoint another individual. It's best to set the group as Secret, again to contain information. Once you've created a squad for each of your squad leaders, message them and give them the list of their squad members. Have each of them contact their squad members and get them to add them as Friends on Facebook and then add them to the group. This process will also allow you to check for obvious alt accounts - people with no facebook profile and no real pictures of themselves, and only gaming posts on their wall. While some people have 'game' FB accounts, it is a pretty real indicator of a possible spy so make sure to look for this. Before your squad leaders start contacting people, it's a good idea to message the entire alliance and let them know that someone will be contacting them shortly and that this person will be their new squad leader.

    Inactive Members

    It is inevitable that people will grow bored with the game and stop playing. Currently, there are no tools to indicate the last time a person has played the game, so your best bet is to do a 'power check'. To do a powercheck, announce to your alliance that you will be taking a screen shot of the Members List, and that anyone who hasn't changed power in three days time will be removed from the alliance for being inactive. Then, go to the Members tab in your alliance and sort it by power (that's if the ability to sort by power has been fixed..). If not, open up your excel spreadsheet and update the power of everyone that you made earlier. You can also take Screen Shots of the members list (by hitting the Print Screen button and then pasting it into paint - for Mac users its Command+shift+3) as opposed to writing it in excel. If the ability to sort is still broken, then Excel is your best bet. Come back three days later and then record everyone's power again. Those that removed, message them and tell them why they were kicked and then kick them. Regular power checks are important because they remove inactive players who aren't contributing and prevents others from thinking you're a farm alliance because of all the inactive players in it. In the beginning, you aren't going to want to kick anyone as they provide you with more power, but towards the end of the game, you will.


    Eventually, you'll probably be forced to declare war with another alliance. It happens no matter the diplomacy you have - maybe an alliance has been hitting your members too much, or talking smack. It will eventually come down to the point where you need to enter into a hostile state with another group. The most important thing for you to tell your alliance is to hide their troops in sanctuary. While some view this as cowardly, if you're playing the game correctly, you should be raiding for almost all of your income, and losing all your troops torpedoes your ability to grow. Hide the troops and you have the ability to attack others and gather resources.

    The other thing you should do is utilize your squads. You constructed them, and now they should almost run themselves. Break down the world into chunks. Lets say you had 10 squads, as an example. Give the first squad 0,0 - 0,75. Give the second squad 0,75 - 0,150. Etc etc. Within the squad, each squad leader assigns an 8 section chunk to a member for them to scan. IE, 0-8, 9-17, 17-25, etc. All they have to do is scroll over and record any enemy cities they see. In this way, you canquickly get all of the enemy's co-ords and build a target list. Assign targets to each squad and let the squad deal with each enemy. The biggest person in the squad 'breaks' the target of troops and then everyone else in the squad farms it until they warp. Then you change to the next target, etc. Continue until the war ends.


    It is always good to ask your members their opinion on things, as it gives them the sense that they have an effect on where the alliance is going and are able to impact its future. Are your considering going to war or ending one? Ask you squad leaders to poll their squads and get you the results. You don't always have to follow popular opinion (they aren't going to know how the rest of the alliance voted, only their own squad.. ) but it can't hurt to know it.
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