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    Can not contact support, support page does not load

    First I had troubles that I could not log in to forums a week ago, and now I can not create a support ticket due to the platinum that has gone from my account from the purchases what I have not done. One 6 plat is related to clitch in simulator, but now I have lost another 4 platinium out of 100 I originally had.

    When I use chrome, I get in to loading loop, when I click the help button. Clearing cache does not help.

    When I use firefox, I get " Error: Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page. "

    so I can not put in a support request

    this kinda sucks

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    i have the same problem with support the same visualforge error try to acces this link https://kabam.secure.force.com/PKB/p...=en_US&l=en_US

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