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Thread: Coupon code?

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    Coupon code?

    Im in clarent 152 and im lookin for a coupon code as im about to purchase 120$ in gems :O figured id save a bit if anything when buying them.

    Anyone know a working code?

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    no but if u find one let me no what it is in numbers/letters

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    lol your open a thread who have 3 years

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    I've been playing, and paying, for nearly 4 years and have yet to find/see or use a coupon code. It sure would be nice to get one though, and while they're at it maybe they could upgrade/change the bonus items that we get when buying certain gem packages as most of them we have thousands of already.
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    Haven't seen a code for a very long time.

    I have requested that they refresh the bonus package items DG.

    Will close this now.
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