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    Domain Mergers and spending reductions

    I guess there are a lot of people now in domains that are effectively dead yet, we continue to build in the hope that the grand plan to introduce huge domains and transfer existing accounts will happen. I personally now have no one that will fight , defend, or do anything but dove within my main domain and my throne room only needs a little tweaking, so its almost abandoned bar taking food to survive now. Might growth is in stupid numbers gaining 8-10 mill a day and I sit here waiting for news of the mergers.

    Within our 317 alliance many players now are heading toward and beyond 200 mill might. Total alliance might about to go over 4 billion and only 70 members.... What are we to do without the domain merger being introduced. All the promises and excuses have now gone on for nearly 12 months. A decent update from kabam would be welcomed by all, even if to explain what difficulties are being experienced writing the domain. If we know its being developed and held up for a few hiccups that would be fantastic, but none of us are any longer prepared to keep building new domains, enough is enough. The new get your free deeds domains are all well and good but there are so many players and cities in them you can hardly find a square to use a portal of order, marches take hours..So we need this information / update urgently. Give your customers an update and keep us on board with what yo are trying to achieve...please

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    well said ade but as we all know kabam dont like to talk to the dedicated players that still want to play the game! al it takes is a little bit of feedback even if it is to say we are struggling to achieve what we want to do but are working on it ! i am closing in on 200 mill might on 317 as there is no-one to fight as no-one will defend or fight back so it is just farmville for food ect but even then we dont want to do that and make even more players quit! so come on kabam let us know whats going on or it will probably be game over for many of the hardcore players that have stuck with koc for years as there is simply nothing left to play for!

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    No more spending for me

    without domain mergers the game has become boring, stale and pointless, my spending has been limited for months and now is at stop as there is nobody to attack in our domain. I am not starting a new domain and spending a fortune to be in the same boat this time next year, been there and done that. As for the throne room the tokens are not worth buying for such a tiny chance to upgrade and thats with the 8 times chance promotion, smaller players will never catch up. My spending is now boycoted for 2 reasons, i,m bored and the upgrade i did have to level 7 decided it would stay as a level 6 and as always no reply from kebam. The forums were created to keep us informed, very little information comes from kebam about game developement.

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    Agree with all that has been said...All we are asking for is an update of what is happening with this merger.

    It's not a lot to ask for, an update to what we have spent money and time to prepare for.

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    I would just like to add my opinion to this thread, i play in 317 and i am an avg might player, as our domain stands i cannot see how i can grow larger i also dont see the point in spending money on this domain as it is dead in the water, all we are asking is that we are given some info on what if anything is happening, and hopfully be given some light at the end of the tunnel

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    Agree with everything

    I totally agree with everything that has been said by Ade and the other comments
    I play 317 in a different alliance to Ade and the comments by Mackam are totally spot on, for them it is more like farmville than KOC due to higher throne rooms which nobody can defend against. It would make more sense for the domain mergers to go ahead sooner rather than later and put like for like players on the same domains. This would bring back the good times of KOC when it used to be fun to play for everyone where anyone could defend against anyone else and know they would at least kill something even if only a beginer player with only a few million might.
    Come on kabam, make the game fun to play again before you loose the core players of the game due to total boredom.

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    Smile Mergers

    Most of us are not spending anymore money on this game, i mean why would we spend money on a game that nobody is hardly playing anymore? The people left here still playing everyday are still patiently waiting on this merger. Growing bigger and stronger everyday with nobody to war with, nobody equal to war with. getting kinda boring, and its sad. We as a domain are not even sure if this merger will ever happen, which is even more depressing. This is my only domain i play in and i spent money to play this game, and now its looking like there will be an end to it, which was a waste of my money. Furthermore this is your game, and we all love it or we wouldnt have put the time and money in it to play. Tell us something about he merger.. dont you think we as customers deserve the right to know if this is going somewhere... anyways.. back to lurking around doing nothing,, HELP!!!!!

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    I am an active player on 317 and I agree with most statements here, we as players have gotten ran around by Kabam since we began our quest with KofC. I really am disappointed to hear these mergers are not taking place a lot of people were looking forward to the new environment. I think if a rumor is being passed around like this one for instance "domain mergers" Kabam should be at least obligated to check the authenticity of the rumor in the beginning and put an end to the disappointment.

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    I figured some of the newer domains would still have some life in them, but 317 sounds boring. 200 mil might??!!

    I thought 140 was pretty slow... the only things going on there are - we just destroyed the #7 alliance last week - they broke apart and scattered to other alliances - and the #4 alliance is trying to rally support for a teamed-up war against the #1 alliance.

    I wouldn't mind being able to stay above 50 mil might for more than a week or 2, but I don't think I'll be complaining about it anymore...
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    :( Mergers

    Everybody here is spot on with what they are saying. I play across 3 domains 32, 242, 283 and all of them are to the point if we go to war with any one alliance, we run the risk of driving more people out of the game. As it seems everybody across all domains or most domains are waiting on word from KABAM on domain mergers and now it's been several month's with no news on what they are even thinking of doing. Beginning to sound and look like they(KABAM) don't care about KOC anymore and are focusing on their other games and finding ways to get more money out of those players while waiting on all of us to abandon KOC altogether.

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