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    Can you answer my mail please
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    Hey is there a 1 off payment kabam would take 2 upgrade all troops 2 level 10 cz I missed out on potoins deal could kabam help me out I spend alot and have spent hundreds on the wheel and had a really poor drop rate I love 2 battle but I loss way 2 much troops cz of poor troop level
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    Bonsoir Josh,
    J'avais 1600 rubis, que j'ai acheté hier (89 €). Le jeu s'est bloqué. Je réinstalle le jeu et là je suis â zéro.
    Merci de rectifier. Et merci pour m'offrir des rubis pour dédomagement.
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    389 alan birleşmesi olacak mı
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    Hi Josh, Im having problem with disappearing reinforceing troops on BloodCrown.. everytime I recall I lose them and the hero.. can u get back to me plz thanks..
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    How do I add a new email address to my Shadowland account (o2 have abolished all its email accounts) I have had to make a new one

    Thank you
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    Hi, I am haveing problems with my base with the map, i was just useing a hour boost i had 48 mins when istarted noticeing that everytime then on that i hit a base a waited i had to wait 6 mins again and agaian and again and im just real pissed cause that was my daily reward boost and i needed that, Can you please see whats going on and please return me a boost i would really respect that alot i buy plat also :} Thank you have agood day.
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    this special here - Spend 250 Platinum to receive 1 Incineraptor, our most EXCLUSIVE and POWERFUL troopSpend 500 Platinum to receive 1 Renegade Crate in addition to the above tier (1 Incineraptor)Spend 1000 Platinum to receive 1 Black Market Patch in addition to the above tiers (1 Incineraptor, 1 Renegade Crate)Spend 1500 Platinum to receive 1 General's Crate in addition to the above tiers! (1 Incineraptor, 1 Renegade Crate, and 1 Black Market Patch)Each Player can qualify for all of these tiers a maximum of 3 Times, so spend 4500 to receive the maximum payout!
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    Josh I have written multiple tickets about 200 plat being missing from my account(no I did not spend it, it was there when I logged out, but was not when I logged in later...)
    I also wrote many tickets about not receiving full bonus items for the tiered special. the tier special of 6/28/2013 only gave me 2 raptors, 2 bM patches, 2 renegade crates, and just recently they added the gen crate to my inventory. but still missing 1 rene crate and from how I read this offer 7 raptors? as the total was supposed to be 9 for spending 2k plat?
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    hello, i was suspended for gaining to much xp or for no reason at al almost 5 days ago i waited patiently for a reply but i got none.. i didn't hack and i don't cheat, so when will my account be reactivated on kabam? i'm very annoyed by so many issues that are going on with kabam at this time, my alliance in 5 different sectors are in a major battle and i was one of the most active players.. i love this game i been playing for 2 years and i don't want to stop but i think its not right to suspend me for no reason and 2 year of work that i have done is wasted..
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