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    que paso con la fusion de dominios para cuando se puede saber ...
    What happened with the fusion of domains for when you can know
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    persiste mi problema en el 434 no puedo hacer nada dice que hay tropas en marcha y todavia estan saliendo del megalito y eso que a acabado hace muchas horas
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    mi cuenta del 434 no puedo cargar nada no se ven los recursos no puedo trasladarme ni hacer movimientos que pasa solucion
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    Hi, are you only support for Kingdoms of Camelot?
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    Can u ask the team if before mergers happen we be given a grace period ie letting us use tutelages in apoth as we all have millions of troops in there so the ones that have been brought by players are able to be healed
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    'The_Pest' UID: 11170395 is doing one scout attacks and harassing my alliance Nanners on 454 again. I thought this player was banned and warned if he did this again he would be permanently banned.
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    We are in great need of a MOD for the global forum in 454. Yesterday Lord MyOHMY, UID 3991214, posted FB information about a members family in global chat. I don't have screen shots for this. But today another 454 member called one member of my Alliance(Nanners) a pedophile and then posted information about his family in global, learning lessons from yesterday, i do have the screenshots for these egregious accusations. Not only is this member of ours a school teacher, but some of his students play in the 454 domain as well. This information, if not handled correctly could result in permanent harm to this individual and reputation. The offender in this case was Lord Liar UID 11829135 and Lord Rider UID 18970419. I have screenshots that can prove that while one member sent this information out the other added to the conversation by adding "a convicted pedo by the sounds things" This is a terrible breach of privacy and slanderous activity that could be a prosecutable offense.
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    Here is the deal. We have a problem with a guy who continually crests all of our members incessantly. His name is Stuart Burr age and he goes by 'The_Pest' in the game, we have sent screens shots and messages to RU from many of our members with the same old "we are looking into it" answer. We are fed up with this situation and it is affecting not only our alliance but causing some undo hostile relationships in the domain. This guy has to be dealt with. He tried to extort us by saying he would stop if we paid him 3000 gems. Of course we don't have that message anymore because of RUN cleaning messages out of everyone's inbox's all the time. Can you help us. Our domain is 454, player name ' The_Pest' and his uid is 11170395, we need this to stop, players are leaving the alliance and quitting the game because of one person, how is this fun for us, on any given day I could print you over 100 pages of this guy's cresting on our alliance. Please help
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    HQ item question.

    Hi there.
    Thanks for following up on the runic monolith items.

    I have another question. In the past alliances would merge either into a new alliance or boot inactives and take on players from another alliance to remain strong.

    If we were to do this now can you confirm what will happen to unused HQ items that are sitting in the inventory, especially the Mine & Vault upgrade items. Will RY transfer them across?
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    where is 448 and 452
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