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    I am an old player returning after a long time to see that my old realm (Seriema, 222) has been merged into Kinabalu, and i am listed on that realm but when i enter that realm i am forced to start all over again, i understand that this is a problem in the merger, i would request you do something about this as I have no intentions of having to do all that hard work all over again.
    Old Realm: Seriema (222)
    New Realm: Kinabalu (408)
    Player Name: Lord Loss
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    Hi emeraldelysian. I have seen you on other threads I guess they're called. I was hoping you could help me. I am someone who plays Dragons of Atlantis. I understand that since it is a beta game, it is not one hundred percent perfect. There is a problem that I have noticed. It started about two months ago. I decided that I would compete in a power challege. I gained twenty billion power, but my power bar never rose any. Even today, I still have twenty one billion power when I hould have fourty one billion. This has also happened in other power challenges. My screen will also show that I have lost around six billion power then show that I have gained it. This will happen when I'm upgrading things or even just opening chests. I ask that you please help me get my twenty billion power back. I have tried other ways to contact Kabam, yet none have been succesful. I hope that you can help me with this..
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    xyz Today at 17:24
    I can understand why you or your supervisor do not want a really old open ticket. They are difficult to explain.
    However have you ever heard the expression "out of sight-out of mind"?
    Without an open ticket there is nothing to remind you of an existing uncorrected issue, therefor no reason for you to check with the engineering team for progress on the issue.
    I fully expect the issue will conveniently be forgotten by the engineering team and in a month or so I'll have to resubmit and go through the same hassle again.
    If you have the capability to check my ticket history for the past several years you will find that this has happened with around 80% of my tickets so I have good reason to believe nothing will be done to correct the problem.
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    Update; 101590 Wall 1 month ago a few seconds ago Open
    Remy Today at 13:47; i am sorry that i did not have more information for you. I will be closing this ticket and when I get updated information I will reach our to you with a new ticket.
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    emeraldelysian; Will you please pass the following on to Senor Management.
    Senor Management. Ref:101590 Wall 1 month ago 7 days ago Open .
    April 29, 2016 13:57, opened ticket. On May 05, 2016 10:37 Received "have performed some troubleshooting steps that they believe may have corrected".
    On May 05, 2016 11:20, May 10, 2016 12:25, May 12, 2016 17:23, May 14, 2016 10:40 I provided information documenting the issue had NOT been corrected .
    On May 18, 2016 13:29 I received "At this time they have let me know that there are still some other items they are taking care of before they are able to to address what you are experiencing." I was attacked today and the issue STILL HS NOT been corrected.
    You expect the players to buy ruby's and fail to insure your service people "engineering teams" correct issues in a timely expedient manner.
    A disgusted, frustrated, angry PLAYER!!!
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    Update; Ref: 101590 Wall 13 days ago 1 day ago Open

    xyz Today at 10:40

    On Sat. at 6:43 am I was attacked with spy's on the wall, the spy souls were collected. 1 Screenshot.png; 2 Screenshot.png.

    I sent a Lava Jaw attack with soul reapers on the wall, They were destroyed but the souls were NOT collected.

    So it seems that if I lose troops on my wall I can recover those souls but If the attacking force loses troops I can't recover any of those souls. 3 Screenshot.png.

    Plus after the lava Jaw attack my wall changed to no troops on the wall. 4 Screenshot.png

    1 Screenshot.png (8 KB)
    2 Screenshot.png (600 KB)
    3 Screenshot.png (500 KB)
    4 Screenshot.png (500 KB)
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    Ref: 101590 Wall 13 days ago 1 day ago Open

    Can you help "again". The programing team is still refusing to do what they are paid to do {fix the problems}.

    Wall not collecting souls
    Thanks for your help

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    Dear Support,

    i m playing on a german platform called "jetztspielen.de".
    There the game "Dragons of Atlantis" is published by "Plinga".
    (We ve our own Servers u can t enter from fb or kabam)
    yesterday i got following pop-up:
    http://prnt.sc/az3n4n (german)
    translation: 'Sadly we stop offering this game at 1st of June. Have u ever tryed >Forge of Empires< ?'

    1. Is this statement correct or what is the meaning behind?
    2. What consequenzes this event have onto other plingabased plattforms offering DoA?
    3. What are the effects onto the "standart" kabam/facebook"-Doa-World?
    4. Is there any way to save the accounts and move to kabam?

    I please to give me an answe to every single question.

    Question 4 have highest priority.

    102388 - supportrequest

    Thanks for your time

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    hi i am death proof and play in anserimimus [435] realm. In the event shadow stalker train a thon I was training until event finish.suddenly my idle pop freeze and now it's showing that I m still training and say my idle pop is 8.right now I can't make any training. I m sending you a screenshot. http://prnt.sc/avz43u
    Death proof
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    hi i was told u mite be able 2 help me as rock u ain't getting bk 2 me at all i can't hatch any egg's it keeps saying theres no room but i've got over 3 pages free plus now 3 spots open i opened the 3rd last week it let me hatch 2 egg's then the message started again, i've tried everything i can think of but not a thing is working can u help me PLZ[IMG]sanc[/IMG] http://prntscr.com/at12bq
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