Greetings Realmers,

Today we will begin the process of Database Migration. Please take a minute to read this announcement regarding the process.

If you continue to have issues with your account related to migration, please let us know about it in this form! This will help us keep track of issues and also help us solve them more quickly.

Update 1/22:

Hello again!
- If you wrote in about making a duplicate account, please try now! If there are any issues.. please fill out the form again! We go through the list every day so this will help us weed out common issues vs unique problems.
- If you wrote in about being banned from migration please check now! Also, if you were previously banned before the migration you will not magically be unbanned.
- Those missing characters, I apologize for the wait but we will have a fix soon!
- Those who are having issues logging in/migration errors, please write in if you are on a shared internet service! We will assess each account on a case by case basis. If you cant log in because you already migrated lots of mules, this is not a priority for us to fix.
Things have been busy here, but we are checking things off our lists! I will be back with more updates tomorrow!

Update 1/21:
- If you previously purchased a Beginners Package, you should have now received it! Stay tuned for an extra gift to compensate for your patience!
- We are aware of the "Error: List Index" issue steam players are witnessing. We are working on a solution and will update when it has been completed.
- If you PM'ed me with a migration issue, please take a minute to fill out the above form. This will help ensure a fix for yourself and others in a more timely manner. The more accounts we can look at, the faster and better the fix.

1/20 Update#2:

- If you had issues with steam creating a guest account and replacing your real account, please log in now. You should be prompted to re-migrate and the issue should be resolved.
- If your account was banned during the migration, this is fixed and your accounts should be restored very shortly.

We are still moving along with fixes. We should have good news for you soon!
Right Now:
- We are aware of the issue with steam players unable to log in. We are solving this issue now.
- At this time, there is an issue with beginners packages. If you purchased one recently, you will receive your items and we apologize for the delay. In the meantime, please refrain from purchasing them until we say the issue is resolved.
- I am still working on players who have made duplicate accounts. If you have messaged me and not heard back I apologize for the delay.

- You should no longer see random disconnects from the game.

1/16 Update:
- If you continued to have incorrect password or invalid email issues, try logging in now. There may be some special cases but it should be fixed for most.
- If you had issues with your Steam account being unlinked, or were unable to make purchases from steam on a linked account, this should be resolved.
- You you were able to migrate, but then could not load the game or log in, this should be resolved!

Issues we are currently working on:
- Random disconnects
- Dead characters/Leaderboard/accounts missing partial fame: We have a fix for this, but it involves a mass migration of data so we are postponing until the majority of the migration is complete and issues are fixed.

If you accidentally made a new account with your main email, shoot me a PM and I will clear it so you can migrate your old account.

If you were unbanned before the migration, but now receive a "you are banned" message - please contact me.

First and Foremost - how do we do this?
- You will see a prompt as soon as you log into the game. All you have to do is click "OK" and the process begins. You will see a progress bar tracking your migration. It is natural for this progress bar to pause occasionally. You migration should not freeze or get stuck under any circumstances. Just let it run.

- PLEASE NOTE: Once you press OK, the process is all server side. This means that nothing bad will happen in case you accidentally close the window or get disconnected. Do not worry.

- The process could take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. If you have an unusually large account (many many characters, alive or dead) it could take longer.

- Unless your migration is taking over an hour, do not worry. It is not frozen.

- We will be sending out an email to alert inactive players of this migration.

More details:

What is Database Migration?
- Plain and simple, this is the process of moving the player database (all of your characters) onto a new server.

Why are we doing this?
- We are moving the database because google will be shutting down the old server service this year. This is mandatory.

What will this change?
- This should not affect the player side at all. Once the migration is complete you should notice no differences.

How long do I have to Migrate?
- We will leave the migration up as long as possible. It will be up at least one month. Please log in and migrate ASAP. If you have not migrated when we stop the migration, your account is lost forever.

More answers to frequently asked questions can be found in this thread:

If you have any questions about the process, please go to this thread We will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible.