Hello again,

Thank you all for your patience. We know you have been on edge waiting to learn what the future holds for Realm. It has been a long wait so we will get straight to the point.

As stated before, there are no plans at this time to shut down Realm of the Mad God. I just want to open with that and make it clear.

However, as you have noticed there have not been updates for quite some time. Realm Team resources have been pulled off to help Kabam create and launch their most ambitious projects yet. The first one, Spirit Lords, just launched!

It was never mandated or intended to abandon Realm development. We just ran out of bandwidth as these new projects roared to life. We do have more content planned to release. We wanted to wait until we had something to announce, but at this time I cannot tell you when that will be. But we are still here, we haven't forgotten. We apologize for a lack of communication for so long. I know this may not be the exciting announcement you wanted to hear, but we wanted to touch base.

Thank you!